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Action | Horror
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23.976 fps
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103 min
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5.8 / 10 
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Directors: Everardo Gout [Director] ,

Movie Description:
All the rules are broken as a sect of lawless marauders decides that the annual Purge does not stop at daybreak and instead should never end.


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Crude Stereotyping

Nothing creative just crude excessive stereotyping & clichés on human behavior. Very simplistic political categorizing. (Must be the Trump influence.) Americans are more divisive than ever & the ones with the bigger guns are on the rampage. Predictable who lives, who dies. Humorously, Mexico is now the destination for freedom. The usual cheap artificial looking evenly spaced burning cars/trash along with nicely placed bodies on the streets to denote rampaging killers.

A Scarily Relevant Action Thriller. Like A Modern Western.

I love The Purge films & consider "Anarchy" as the best of the franchise....until i saw "Forever Purge" which i totally enjoyed as a throwback to 70's style gritty & dusty Thriller's because for some reason this Purge really had that old school 70's feel. There's a modern western feel & look & i loved it.

Maybe it was the sun-baked setting of Texas & Mexico or simply the Cowboy way the characters dress that made me think of those dusty road movies of the 1970's such as "Smokey & the Bandit" & "Mad Max" &"The Hills Have Eyes" & "The Gauntlet" for example. There's definitely an old fashioned flavour to this film & i dug it.

The themes of Wealth, poor, race & violence are all extremely relevant especially with the scary mess that is America & of course it's always going to be relevant but especially so for the last few years with Trumps America & the Nightmare that the country has become.

Anyway the film as a film is good exciting & suspenseful fun with a good cast of characters that you like & want to survive. Josh Lucas was decent & i haven't really seen him in anything for ages!!! I thought he disappeared or something but he is here & is decent but the best characters are the two main Mexican actors who give the best performances. Veteran actor Will Patton is good too in a small role but an effect role. Will Patton is probably known as a "Character Actor" as he's in lots of films but usually isn't the lead role but anyway an actor is an actor & the veteran, in his 60's now, is a great actor who has Starred in many films such as The Fourth Kind, The Punisher, Halloween & Halloween Kills, Armageddon, The Mothman Prophecies & tons more!!! The southern accent & average joe quality he has is put to good use here as the old Cowboy father of Josh Lucas's character & gives a solid performance for his screen time.

Here the purge boils over to the next day & the savage violence is a shocking sight to see it happening during the beautiful sunny daytime & that makes the atmosphere very scary & intense.

The cinematography is excellent. The score is great.

I liked this new approach to the franchise by expanding the Purge world by making the daytime chaos & showing how the purge will never end.

A nice mix of characters & with a strong look at what it means to be an "American" & to simply be a good person no matter the colour of your skin or where you come from. I'm sure there's tons of subtext throughout the movie but to put politics aside, it's an exciting action-packed Thriller that is actually pretty scary at times.

I think i liked this Purge best so far.

Its SUPPOSE to be political you morons!! Excellent action film with excellent cast!!

It's a decent thriller I'm not comparing it to the other purges as i hate that. It's a new film so I like it to go in a different direction, nowadays we have everyone being writers and directors they judge a film based on their thoughts of what it should be and how it should end up rather than watching it based on it's on merit!! I think it's a 6.5 but kicked it to 9 for all the political morons who judged it on their views. The action scenes were excellent, the story was a 5 but the action and great cast kick up up a notch or 2. The lead actress is the next action star , And Josh Lucas is ALWAYS phenomenal!!
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