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Horror | Thriller
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98 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Rodo Sayagues [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Hiding out for years in an isolated cabin, Norman Nordstrom has taken in and raised a young girl orphaned from a house fire. Their quiet existence is shattered when a group of kidnappers show up and take the girl, forcing Norman to leave his safe haven to save her.


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Watchable but not as good as the first one.

Sometimes sequels are better than the original but that's not the case for this one. It's entertaining though, but you have to have a high tolerance for scenes that aren't very plausible. A blind guy and a kid taking the mickey of a bunch of hardcore thugs, it's a bit far fetched if you get what I mean. That said, if you can pass that, there's enough good bloody scenes to make it an enjoyable horror/thriller. The acting wasn't bad so that's also a positive. It's just the storyline that will put some people off. There will not be another Don't Breathe 3 if you ask me, and if there is I'm sure the quality will go down again.

Better than the first one.

Note to self: when building a 'panic room' for one, don't make it water-tight, difficult to open from the inside, and leave a grille at the top big enough for, say, a hosepipe, for example. Yup, the plot for Don't Breathe 2 isn't quite as water-tight as the individual panic room that features in the movie, with several weak points where the whole shebang threatens to burst apart at the seams. But hey, if you can accept such flaws as 'not staying to ensure a character is dead so they can't come back and kill you later', then this sequel can actually be a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy brutal on-screen violence, of which there is plenty.

Stephen Lang returns as The Blind Man, an ex-Navy Seal who has developed heightened senses to compensate for his lack of sight. He has a young daughter, Phoenix (Madelyn Grace) who he keeps on a tight leash (metaphorically speaking), afraid that something bad might happen to her. Which it does. It turns out the blind man isn't really her father; he rescued her from a fire when she was very young and has been looking after her ever since, lying about being her daddy. Now her real parents want her back, but not because they miss her: mommy, a drugs chemist with a dodgy ticker, needs her daughter's healthy heart so she can keep on cooking up illegal pharmaceuticals.

As a fan of all things splatter, I really liked the brutal action in Don't Breathe 2 - it's hard hitting and good 'n' gory - but I also enjoyed the total absence of a good guy. Obviously, Phoenix's parents are badduns, but The Blind Man is, in his own words, a killer, a rapist, a monster. It makes a nice change from having an obvious hero to root for: all you can hope for is that Phoenix, real name Tera, makes it out alive, and at times, it looks unlikely. As bleak and as nihilistic as all of that sounds, the film isn't without a sense of humour, albeit as black as it comes: the mother saying thank you to Phoenix and blowing her a kiss as they are prepped for surgery is hilarious.

the magic of the original one is gone

Sequels, always in for a discussion. Take this one for example. The first flick I gave it a 9 but here the surprise of the blind man is gone, in fact the whole magic of the first one is gone.

But still it isn't a bad flick. Here and there it lacks a bit of suspense but when the fights and killings are on, it's gore galore.

If you haven't seen the first one you surey will ike it but as a sequel as said it lacks here and there with the surprise.

Gore 4/5Nudity 0/5Effects 4/5Story 3/5Comedy 0/5.
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