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My father is originally from Hai Phong city, the North of Vietnam. When he was a teenager, he was mad and left to move down South. Then he'd got fine and met my mother in Danang. We 8 brothers and sisters were born here I'm the youngest daughter . The war didn't let my father coming back to visit his parents And after the Liberation Day, the difficulties of a big family in a poor country didn't let my father make this trip In 1983, the first time after 30 years leaving the home town, he could come back At that time he learnt that my grandmother had passed away a long time before, and my grandfather was blind. Now my father is 81 years old. And although my father's not fine, he wants to come back to visit his family in Hai Phong to bring the ancestral altar to Da Nang. Because the altar should be put in the eldest son's place and the eldest son's children will continue to worship the ancestrals. The trip is done


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