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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: Tage Danielsson [Director] ,

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Already in his childhood, Pablo Picasso shows talent for painting and is sent to the Academy of Arts in Madrid. He becomes a painter but has to live in Paris in poverty. But one day he is discovered by a rich American millionaire and starts to earn money. But he wastes his talent by painting plates. He meets the famous people of the 1920s: Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, Appolinaire, Hitler and Churchill. —Mattias Thuresson


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In the top 5 comedies ever made . I am grateful for this film breaking the language barriers

Dear Friends,In case you are a Swedish or a Hungarian person ( plus any other unexpected nationalities ) somehow interested in this film : PLEASE DO NOT QUIT ! WATCH IT !

Anyone, who is wandering here, please give it a try. You are going to see unexpectedly the unexpected. Suspence thriller movies of Hitchcock and such are still on the international top hit/ top rating lists. Alike the Monty Python bests in comedies .In the late 80's it was really a cult film in Hungary. For me it still is. With my friends from the same generation , we still are quoting / mix in the everyday conversation quotes from Picasso. Because we are Henial.Please help me not to let forgotten this gemstone. Watch, enjoy, rate .

In any other case : mortadella! mondiale ! imbecile ! idiota !Mercredi !!!!!

All that means: SHAME ON YOU !

A golden onion of art, comedy, poetry and slapstick

Completely unique, yet with a hundred nods a minute - there simply is no other movie like this. And it's cleverly made to be able to enjoy at any age, with new things to discover at every new viewing. It's a lifetime companion. If you know your art history, there are Easter eggs aplenty. But it never beats you over the head with its own cleverness, it's too busy setting up the next gag.

And there are plenty of tender emotional moments as well, sublimely delivered by a cast of some of Sweden's most acclaimed actors and actresses, and one internationally acclaimed opera singer, no less. But no Max von Sydow!

There's even animation. Sometimes, in a moment of magical realism, one of Picasso's paintings might come alive to emphasise a particularly poignant scene.

The only area where it is somewhat lacking is in the dialogue - it's almost non existent! And that's on purpose. It's an absurd fairytale about a painter, told in moving images. There *is* a narrator - which I suspect might be tacked on as a safety net, but adds a wonderful layer of self reflecting comedy to the entire affair. In the Swedish version, the movie starts off with a cheerful male voice exclaiming "Hello! My name is Elsa Beskow." Elsa Beskow (a woman) wrote and painted wonderfully illustrated children's fairytale books.

This movie takes delight in taking you by surprise in a thousand small jaw dropping ways. If you like this movie, I suspect you will watch it more than once.

A celebration of art

G?sta Ekman, you will be missed. If you enjoy comedies like "The Holy Grail" you definitely have to see "The Adventures of Picasso". This film is truly something unique. It blends humour and surrealism while at the same time featuring some of the best slapstick and satire from Swedish cinema. The sets, the effect work and the animation is all fantastic. And especially for the time it was made. There are so many strange and absurd jokes in this that I'm sure Alejandro Jodorowsky himself would have loved this. It's a celebration of the history of art that's also just a really fun time. Recommended!
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