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Comedy | Crime
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180 min
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A wild tale of ruthless ambition and revenge, set within the Sydney underworld, where gangsters and the Instagram generation collide with Sydney's glamorous social elite.


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Criminals are often very unpleasant

Thought I would try to counter some of the other reviews. Violent criminals are mostly very unpleasant people and this show is full of such people. Paz is not a lovable crim like Ray Shoesmith (Mr Inbertween) Paz is man of low intelligence and high energy trying to climb to the top. He and his colleagues are deeply unpleasant individuals who should be locked up or shot depending on your point of view. They are violent and deeply unpleasant asshats. In that respects they remind me of the characters in Goodfellas, a film I can no longer watch. Much as I love Ray Shoesmith as a character, I hate Paz, I want to see him dead. This is not bad acting, bad acting I wouldn't care. I will admit I find the film hard to watch because the show is full of authentically nasty characters.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of such people would most likely agree (if they are left alive.)

Australian Disgrace

I thought this would be a great show I was excited to watch it. But for someone who was actually there and worked with Pasquale Barbaro for many years the entire connotation of this show was appalling extremely shocking and disappointing. On what planet is George Alex a good guy or a property developer? I almost fell off my chair and choked on my popcorn watching this hack job of a production. Watching this was literally 4 hours of pain. I feel like sending an invoice for my time. To the writers of this disaster please get your Facts straight before you start garbaging one of the best guys to have ever lived to the nation. The guy never spoke like a flop from Fat Pizza when he walked into a meeting people listened he could know nothing and get a 5 minute briefing from me and close the deal. Ive never seen anything like that in my life! Clearly this was concocted for George Alex and a couple of westy jailbirds who made up nothing but lies to get some clout. Ask big Jim Burns about that DEVIL George Alex. I hope he gets whats coming his way in Darcy when he gets convicted this year! I feel sorry for the actors in this show who were directed to literally destroy their careers! How they are proud to present this as their work astounds me! I hope Dan Edwards and Gregor Jordan never interfere in True Crime again as the only category Australian Gangster can possibly be classified as is True Garbage. Can a real production company do the REAL STORY please? That would be something worth watching...

One of the best shows

If people knew anything about southwest Sydney, they'd understand the reason actors talk and behave in such a way, spot on acting , spot on performance.
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