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Action | Crime
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24 fps
Portuguese 2.0  
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134 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Vicente Amorim [Director] ,

Movie Description:
In the 90s, Rio de Janeiro was shaken by a wave of kidnappings. Security forces call controversial agents to help save the city from thugs and also from the police itself.


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A great intense movie

A Divis?o (The Division) is a very intense and realistic action thriller about a special police unit that was brought into existence and used extreme harsh methods to end a growing wave of kidnappings, the regular police couldn't cope with, that terrorized Rio de Janeiro and the nation till 1997.

The film also shows the police corruption interwoven with the hunt for the kidnapper of the daughter of a high ranked politician.

The filming, the script, sound and acting is superb. The action is realistic and raw. There is a well-played out development of the characters and the film ends like it should and how this world is. The real heroes are very seldom the people that eagerly step in the spotlights to display themselves on national TV as rescuers of the nation.

wow what a ride!

The pace, the photo shoots, vibe of the film - amazing!

I didn't expect to watch such a good film. It has it's own very Brazilian vibe. Very violent, dark, complex, and with really good camera work. I will check other work of the director. Would say it's South American version of 'The Heat'. Kept me on the chair for the entire film.

Watch it! It's a good cinema, good acting and very good story.

Tropa de ... abduction

Ok I should not try to compare any movie coming from Brazil to the masterpiece (and I mean the sequel, although of course I also really liked the first Tropa de Elite movie too). This is a decent movie to say the least - and it is based on real events. So there is that for sure. And it is as down and gritty as you would it expect it to be.

Just the first action scene ... there's no difference between this and a Hollywood Action movie with a similar theme. So no this is not polished, but not every movie needs that polish. The pacing could be a bit tighter, but that is a personal opinion on that, you may feel different. Overall more than decent and a testament on a certain period of time and what went down (more or less) in Brazil ...
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