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7.9 / 10 
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Directors: Marlin Darrah [Director] ,

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On this Amazon River cruise, several American tourists are taken hostage by desperate thieves attempting to recover a lost treasure deep in the jungle. A transportive movie featuring breathtaking panoramic views of the eighth wonder of the world, AMAZON QUEEN takes place in the Amazon Rainforest along the Rio Negro, Manaus, Brazil. Shot during the Covid outbreak October 2020. A group of tourists joins the riverboat "Queen" as it ventures far upriver on the Rio Negro, to visit indigenous villages and explore jungle habitats. But as the idyllic journey unfolds, a dark cloud of thievery and menace thunders aboard, shattering the voyage and threatening the passengers and crew with death. Ingenuity and resourcefulness are their only chance to survive. —Marlin Darrah


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Hahaha, people are snobs.

You know when you are watching something that is done on a shoestring, the only way the makers can.

Rate it how you want, but why with such venom?

I love reading the critical analysis of some of these snobs.

I bet many of them haven't dared take that step, to try and produce something from somewhere within them, and then put it on view for the world to see.

That takes guts alone..Why such venom, for anything> HahahaIt it was by Hitchcock or Speilberg, then okay. But these people tried to do something.

Not sat behind their screens thinking..... hmmm, I have nothing else to do in my life now, I can't move on until I have vented, hahahIt wasn't great, but jeez, hahahaMaybe take up a drug addiction and fill that void in your soul.

Aurevoir (That's Greek)

An exciting adventure that's a feast for the eyes

I really enjoyed Amazon Queen. It has a well-crafted story, good acting by the key cast members, convincing villains, and solid directing, all with the amazing backdrop of the Amazon jungle. It felt like i was really there, and that matters a lot when I'm watching a film.

We had fun!

It's a cool movie, great cinematography, a little bit cheesy but fun to watch with the kids. The actors delivered well.

I loved all the animals. Makes me wanna go to Brazil!
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