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Crime | Drama
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24 fps
Polish 2.0  
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106 min
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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Piotr Domalewski [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A criminal story set in the 1980s. Robert, a young policeman "out of principle", finds a serial gay killer. In the course of the investigation, he meets Arek. She decides to use him as an informant, not realizing how much this relationship will affect not only his work, but also his personal life. —G


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This is a really tight fact-based drama based on a true chapter from the ignominious past of communist Poland. Beautifully photographed and set in a bleak Warsaw winter. Good performances all around and a compelling narrative make this stand above gay persecution tropes that often accompany similarly themed motion pictures.

Entertaining but confusing

This is an entertaining drama , but also somewhat confusing due to the way it is edited and scripted. The ending leaves viewers hanging and having to form their own conclusions. Had the story been better told and the character development been more detailed, it could get a higher rating. Overall, good for what it tries to show, just not excellent at telling a good story in a coherent manner!

Gritty and revealing

It's still in the news today how badly the LGBT community can be treated in Poland, and this fact is echoed in this thriller set during the latter years of communist rule in that country (1985-7) when, apparently, a campaign was set up against the community by the authorities. Those looking for a straight forward thriller will be disappointed, as although those elements are there, and are grittily and realistically done, it seems to me that the film is a lot more to do with identity, freedom, and of course sexuality, focusing as it does on the central character, a young policeman sent by his prejudiced superiors to investigate the murder of a known gay. The end result is a drama on many levels which some might feel is heavy handed, but which I found quite absorbing.
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