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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Matthias Schweigh?fer [Director] ,

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A prequel to Army of the Dead

This is good fun, and part of a series of films. I've only seen this one so far. This is a prequel to Army of the Dead.

Army of Thieves introduces us to a bank teller, Sebastian (Matthias Schweigh?fer), whose obsession is safe combinations. He practices at home seeing how fast he can open a lock.

Sebastian has a YouTube video about the great locksmith Hans Wagner. Wagner created four impenetrable vaults, named after the Ring Cycle: Siegfried , Die Walküre, Das Rheingold, and G?tterd?mmerung.

No one knows where Gotterdammerung is, but a young woman named Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel) is impressed by Sebastian's video and wants him to join her in cracking Siegfried, Die Walkure, and Das Rheingold. He agrees.

He then joins Gwendoline and her gang, Korina (Ruby O. Free), Brad (Stuart Martin), and Rolph (Guz Khan). A frustrated detective Delacroix (Jonathan Cohen) and Beatrix (Noemie Nakai) are after them, but the crooks keep beating them. Meanwhile Sebastian (who later changes his name to Ludwig Dieter) is successful in opening the first two safes and stealing a great deal of money.

For Sebastian, it's the challenge; for Gwendoline, it's making history. The money is secondary.

When they reach the third safe, trouble brews. As bad as it gets, Gwendoline's jealous boyfriend Brad makes the situation even worse.

Very enjoyable film, with an excellent performance by Schweighofer as a man who leads a dull and somewhat lonely life and is introduced to danger and adventure by Gwendoline.

The entire cast is excellent.

In Army of the Dead, which was actually made first, a group goes after the Gotterdammerung during a zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas. The zombie apocalypse is going on during Army of Thieves as well. I can't give anything else away, but if you come across these films, see Army of Thieves first.

Army of Brain Cell Killers

That's what we needed, a prequel to one of the worst big production zombie movies and major disappointments in years ( I like Snyder's remake of Dawn of the Dead a lot) - Army of Thieves is at best a mediocre heist movie, and as a zombie movie a fail like Army of the Dead. Who wants this? Who finances such a idea? It looks like these days every (crap) idea gets produced because some pay channel needs new "content" to lobotomize the audience to brain dead mode.

Enjoyable enough to sit through the whole movie

Matthias Schweigh?fer's 'Army of Thieves' is an unessential addition to the 'Army of the Dead' universe. The writing is nothing spectacular or memorable, but thanks to Schweigh?fer's assured direction and outstanding performances from the entire cast, it feels enjoyable enough to sit through the whole movie.
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