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Living in a town near Munich, four waitresses at a topless joint decide to take a few days off work to visit the sunny Gran Canaria. Following the travel agency's recommendation, they finally arrive at this dream hotel by the beach, filled with high expectations of having a good time; however, right from the start, the girls sense a strange vibe. Why is this hotel completely vacant, and the beach mysteriously deserted? After the initial disappointment, the secretive director of the hotel, Carlo Savonarola, shows them to their rooms, but soon, the wailing sound of the wind blowing, and the echoes from the empty corridors that bring chills down the spine, will demand answers. Is this situation linked somehow to the grim history of this hotel? What lies hidden behind the thick stone walls of the nearby abandoned convent which dates back to 1749? —Nick Riganas


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The butts are always in focus. The faces... not so much

This movie is awful. Starting with the script and the "dialogue" which is quite painful to listen to. It's supposed to be a horror movie, but the version I saw had no blood. How do you make a horror movie where people die but there's no special effects? The acting was bad with the exception of the lead, Lina Romay, who looks brilliant compared to the rest of these jokers. I really liked the location. It was filmed in an old abandoned hotel and monastery. And the old buildings looked great!

Skip this movie. Even if you're a fan of bad movies. There's nothing here you need to see.

Cursed To Walk The Hotel Hallways Naked For Eternity. B.A.F. 1-2-Miss

Greetings And Salutations, and welcome to my review of Mansion Of The Living Dead; here's the breakdown of my ratings:

Story: 0.25Direction: 1.00Pace: 0.25Acting: 0.25Enjoyment: 0.25

TOTAL: 2 out of 10

The one thing I need in a good Horror flick is a story. It doesn't have to be outstanding, just plausible and/or have a first-rate concept at its heart. Sadly, Mansion Of The Living Dead, though it does possess a decent idea, is so terribly structured and written it harms the movie beyond repair. Jesus Franco may be an average director, who occasionally hits the right spots, but he's no scribe. The story is too slow, all over the place, and most of the mysteries are ignored or extremely under-cooked. In the right hands, it could have been excellent. I particularly liked the cursed notion and the empty hotel and village concepts.

Surprisingly, Franco does a lot better when he takes the director's chair. Some scenes show off his talents ideally. The scene where one of the holidayers finds her friend face down in the pool is one example of his imaginative style. The girl, her friend, and the hotel manager run to the poolside, but there's no floater. As the girls discuss it may have been a mistake, Franco pans down to the pool's reflection, and we hear the manager make his goodbyes; On the water's blue surface, we watch him walk away, and the ladies follow. It's a small thing, but it's creative and makes the segment more engaging. Sadly, there are too few to help the movie repair the story's damage. Most of the film consists of average composition, which sometimes is out of focus. It's dreadful when you can't get a cameraman to keep the image sharp. Maybe blind cameramen work cheaper? What with the toplessness and nudity in the film, perhaps he went blind while filming. I mean, they have these girls walk around the hotel starkers. Now, why can't I find these hotels? Then we have the special effects, which consist of crappy plastic skull masks and cheap make-up. And they ran short of masks, and money for make-up because the Father of the religious order is simply normal. Lamentably, the most inferior element to the directing is the lack of pacing. It goes the same way as the story, and like the story, it only adds to the viewers' boredom.

The acting is terrible, especially from the two leading cast members. There are a lot of pregnant pauses that don't work, I can only imagine they're there because Romay and Mayans were reading from cards. There's no emotion in most scenes, and there's definitely no chemistry between Romay and Mayans, though she is about to save his soul with their love for one another. And, as for the girl on girl kissing, well, for actresses, they don't execute passion too well. It's more amusing than sensually provocative.

Mansion Of The Living Dead is a stinker of a movie, and I wholly advise giving it as wide a berth as possible. And remember, I watched this movie, so you don't have to.

Please feel free to visit my Absolute Horror list to see where I ranked Mansion Of The Living Dead.

Take Care & Stay Well.

Nudity Abounds. Entertainment Doesn't.

This only thing this movie has going for it is that the girls are in various shades of undress most of the time.

Unfortunately most of them are not so attractive. There's one who is that gets offed early on.

There's even an extra chick tied up in a room. When discovered she says she hasnt eaten in 4 days. Only she's a complete cow..

It's not a very good movie and the "dead" part is barely there.

Not sure why it's called Mansion of the Dead when the girls are in a hotel and the dead are in a monastry.

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