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Action | Adventure
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97 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Andy Serkis [Director] ,

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Eddie Brock struggles to adjust to his new life as the host of the alien symbiote Venom, which grants him super-human abilities in order to be a lethal vigilante. Brock attempts to reignite his career by interviewing serial killer Cletus Kasady, who becomes the host of the symbiote Carnage and escapes prison after a failed execution. —archit_a


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what the hell

As much as I liked the first one, I rated it 8, I disliked this one. Nothing worked for me, not the story or acting. And espescially not Venom and the red Venom.

The effects were okay but didn't save this flick. I even thought to stop watching this. The jokes weren't funny.

Can't say more then to avoid this one. The only thing i liked was the trailer in the end credits. Spiderman on TV while Venom is watching..hope that it makes a good flick.

Gore 0/5Nudity 0/5Effects 4/5Story 1,5/5Comedy 0/5.

An improvement that doesn't go far enough

The creative team behind Venom clearly read all the feedback, because this film fixes just about everything that was wrong with the first film and focuses on everything it did well. The comedic chemistry between Eddie and Venom is the core of the film, resembling a romantic drama except they argue about eating human brains and the break-up involves literally infecting other human hosts. Anne, Dan and Mrs. Chen come along for the ride. However, the sequel is still let down by a rather unconvincing serial killer with not much charisma nor backstory. The mutant shrieking woman didn't make much sense in the universe and she was also a rather flat and boring character.

A very bland movie

I've seen both Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson act their behinds off and it was great. I've seen humor and dark humor work wonders for DC. I've seen Michelle Williams look beautiful and amazingly desirable. None of these feature in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Instead you get a constant gay married couple bickering between Venom and Brock which is supposed to be insightful and funny, but isn't, a cardboard psychopathic villain that could have been sympathetic with just a few edits, a pointless villain girlfriend that has no influence on the plot of the film whatsoever, even though she has a superpower she is inconsequential, a pointless hero girlfriend who is there just to be a damsel in distress, copy pasted from the bad Spiderman films, a policeman who is there just to be the always late to the joke guy and... Dan? Who cares about Dan?! I swear the most interesting character in this film is the mean Chinese lady at the store. There is no chemistry between any of the characters. None!

But the worse problem is that there is no story, no tension, nothing to solve. The interaction between hero and villain is minimal yet stretching imagination and both their paths when separate are boring uninteresting bad writing.

Even the CGI fights feel pointless, as two blobs fight each other by hitting and throwing each other. Venom knows ALL the weaknesses of a symbiont and does nothing with it. Brock knows his symbiont and does nothing with it.

The more I write in this review the more stars disappear from the rating, so I will just stop. This could have been the exact same movie with ten times less budget, cheap CGI and unknown actors. No one would have noticed a difference. And there is one end credits scene that is more interesting in its implications than the entire movie!! Ugh.
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