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Biography | Drama
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96 min
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: D.M.W. Greer [Director] ,

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Following two fatal aircraft accidents aboard an Aircraft Carrier, a government agent is placed aboard the ship. His mission is to determine what may be at the root of these mishaps and prevent the inevitable third chain breaking accident which abruptly changes course when a sailor reports seeing one of the top ranking fighter pilots in a gay club. The aviator and three of his squadron mates and their spouses all become the subject of a deadly modern day witch hunt entangling them in a web of jealousy and deceit which tests their concept of love, friendship and honor and changes their lives forever. —Anonymous


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A sensitively told portrait of a societal ill

This is an exceptionally beautiful film, perfectly crafted to tell an important story.

While this is not at all my genre - I do not personally support the gay lifestyle for many reason BUT that is me..... The right to make personal choices for our own lives is a fundamental human freedom that I will support until my dying day. Not just support the right to choose but to support others who make different choices to mine - and I hope they do likewise with me. This film hits hard in an era where there is relentless attempts to take away the freedom to even choose what substances are injected in your own body - how outrageous is that...... The result of this fascist coercian is nothing good either then or now......

A phenomenal movie on gay relationship MUST WATCH

This is one of the best movie i've ever watched in lgbtq genre. Movie depicts the real love, the trauma of separation , witch hunt policy of american navy , and acceptance of the truth by homosexual navy personnel . Must watch it.

Joey reynolds rap

WHAT A SURPRISERADIO was great to tune around, so was tv if you had control of the channel changer and set? These days of separation is great for time to think, change, meditate, work with our hands, and tool around at the end of the day. Thats how i discovered this film. Strangely has a lot of contemporary issues including the black inclusion and the references to military bashing. There is no escape from bullies in life.

Never heard of Trent Ford ? He is very cool, and there is an expensive looking film. Cant stop watching, it has a hook?
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