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Directors: William Asher [Director] ,

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Stock car racer Dave Owens plays into the hands of whiskey runners by agreeing to drive in a cross-country road race. He is assisted by Jane Harris and Sonny Leander Fox. Soon Dave and Sonny begin a friendly rivalry for Jane. Track action filmed at the Ascot and Saugus Raceways near Los Angeles, local color shot in Charlotte, North Carolina. —alfiehitchie


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Frankie and Annette get off the beach

Stock car driver Dave Owens (Frankie Avalon) likes Jane Harris (Annette Funicello). He has a friendly rivalry with Sonny Leander Fox (Fabian) who has many groupies. He gets tricked into running moonshine. Next, he's trapped between criminals and the law.

Frankie and Annette have left the beach to try something more dangerous. At the end of the day, they can't. I would suggest something harder than moonshine but that would alienate their fans. It's a no-win situation. Their star power is fading and they have nowhere to go. Quite frankly, they are probably best fitted to be teachers in art school. Otherwise, they are always going to be Frankie and Annette on the beach. I do like some of the car action. There are a few good crashes although the actors are nowhere near the real driving. I just can't take this seriously.

The kids from Philadelphia

Nice racing sequences and to my knowledge the only feature film to have boththose kids from Philadelphia Frankie Avalon and Fabian in the cast are theattractions that Fireball 500 has. The title comes from the logo that Avalonhas on his car.

Avalon is a professional racing driver and has arrived in North Carolina to tryhis hand at the stock car circuit where local boy Fabian rules. Fabian alsoruns a little moonshine on the side and of course is wary of the revenuers.These two as in the teen idol business were rivals in those late Eisenhower/Kennedy years.

The women they are rivals over are Annette Funicello and Julie Parrish, youwatch the film to see who gets who. There's someone else in the picturewho would like to eliminate both these guys. I won't reveal but it won't behard to figure it out.

Avalon is slightly miscast in a film that I think Elvis Presley might have hadfirst dibs on and rejected. Or Colonel Parker probably rejected for him.

Two very colorful character players Chill Wills and Harvey Lembeck are in the cast. Wills is Annette's uncle and Lembeck is most definitely not doingErich Von Zipper.

For aging fans of the leads like myself.

Reckless Driving 101

Leaving the beach behind, drag racing Frankie Avalon (as Dave Owens) and statuesque Annette Funicello (as Jane Harris) get involved with bootlegging racer Fabian (as Sonny Leander Fox). Pretty Julie Parrish (as Martha Brian) is Mr. Avalon's main squeeze this time around; in one of the film's few memorably bad scenes, she gets a firm grip on shirtless Avalon's buttocks. In a related move, Fabian's fan club, the "Eager Beavers" express devotion on their derrières. Chill Wills is (as Big Jaw) and Harvey Lembeck (as Charlie Bigg) are among the unfortunate supporting cast. Director William Asher's American International team absolutely needed a change of pace, but "Fireball 500" was about as unnecessary a postscript as could be produced.
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