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Action | Sci-Fi
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113 min
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2.4 / 10 
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Directors: Maximilian Elfeldt [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Humans from another galaxy invade our Earth, finding perfect atmosphere and vegetation for them to survive. In the wake of the punishing alien invasion, the only hope a mother and her son have for survival lies in the discovery of an unthinkable truth. —TubiTV


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Yet another bad attempt

There have been many poor attempts to make this movie since the original 1959 version, which is still one of the best. But this one is really bad, with poor screenwriting, clumsy special effects, ham-handed interactions, etc. I'm embarrassed for the actors, who did their best to pull off a losing effort.

America saves the world....again

I never cry at movies, but this was so terrible I felt actual pain sitting through it. The acting is awful, the script is almost as bad. This is an insult to War of the Worlds, then to add further insults, the aliens are human!? I'm sure they wasn't in the actual WoW film. This film is clearly made with the intention to teach us all a lesson about how we are destroying earth. 'I SEE HOW YOU CARE FOR PEOPLE, YOU DON'T DESERVE THIS' says hot lady alien, Yes we do, just for making this film.

You don't even need to watch it to know exactly what will happen. Whyyyyy would they send down alien refugees before they even know the outcome of the attack. Look, please for your own sake don't watch this film. It's actually shameful. Alien attack, military people say powerful quotes, random American lady saves the world yaaaay. The 1 star is for the hilarious ending.

Is this a bad comedy?

I must admit, I only made it through 17 minutes and 46 seconds of this ridiculous "movie". I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER!! The inept overacting makes the worst of the 70s disaster movies look like works of art.

Enter William Baldwin with his finger in a light socket haircut and just got off a bender performance.

What lies ahead in this movie is probably worse than the humiliation Tubi will suffer by putting their name on it, but I doubt it.

Yes... this is probably a bad comedy. That's 17 minutes of my life I will never get back.
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