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In his wildly original debut special, Storm gets unflinchingly personal about his childhood spent dumpster diving in extreme poverty - despite looking like he was conceived at an Ivy League a cappella concert.


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Hilarious and theatrical storytelling

I love comedians who engage the audience with their storytelling and have a natural sense of humor that doesn't feel forced. Moses Storm exceeded my expectations. I was laughing really hard throughout the special. I really appreciate that he used his experience in a positive and humorous way while also shedding light on the systemic issue of poverty. I hope he does more specials like this in the future (psst...Netflix).


Fantastic storytelling-based comedy special. The direction was superb, and the set design unique. I was not familiar with Moses going in, but I am now a fan. Definitely recommended for any comedy fans, and anyone interested in learning about poverty as well. Blending both the tragedy and comedy of life is his style, and it works well.


This isn't comedy, this isn't funny.

If this is what passes for comedy in 2022, I'd rather be miserable. There is absolutely nothing funny about this film. Do yourself a favour, watch something made in the 90s or early 2000s.
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