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Comedy | Drama
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5.7 / 10 
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Directors: Miguel Arteta [Director] ,

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After five years of living in Mexico, Carlos, an 18-year-old youth returns to Los Angeles. He wants to be an actor. But his father, Pepe, a pimp wants him to work in the family business, that is, male prostitution. Carlos decides that he will be one of his father's boys until he can get his foot in the door in Hollywood. Finally one of his clients, Jennifer a rich soap star, offers him a bit part in her show. Pepe tells Carlos that she is just using him and demands that he most not see the woman any longer. Carlos defies his father and when his big day comes he finds out the harsh realities of life are even harsher than he imagined. —Wiki


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Vastly Underrated Here!

Maybe I'm just not as theatrically pseudo-sophisticated as those who gave this wonderful movie the low ratings it has received here, but I found it delightful! It has everything I ask for in a movie - it totally engaged me from start to finish and it ended much too soon for me. I want a sequel! It didn't need big-name actors to get its points across and I only recognized one actor there; the others whom I didn't remember having seen before this film did great jobs with their respective roles. Douglas Spain was captivating as the highly beleaguered Carlos - so much so that I plan to follow him in whatever future roles he plays. I have Boy Toy at the top of my Blockbuster queue and I wish it could arrive in my mailbox YESTERDAY! This movie was nominated for awards, people, and it won one so do yourselves a favor and give it a chance!

Not perfect, but challenging and unique

Odd, brave, if not completely successful drama.

A Mexican father in Los Angeles forces his son, who wants to be an actor, into prostitution.

The story details his misadventures in Hollywood in both the sexual and movie making arenas, as well as the completely dysfunctional family that surrounds him.

Much like Arteta's later films, there's a surreal humor under it all, and a genuine weirdness at how matter of fact its all treated. Good use of music as well.

The acting could have been better, which would have elevated it considerably. But it still is a unique, and strangely entertaining look at a warped and dysfunctional world.

Film-making ambition without the craft...

Miguel Arteta wrote and directed this extremely na?ve modern-day story of a young Hispanic boy in Hollywood, just off the bus from Mexico, who reunites with his family and becomes part of his father's street corner map-selling business--a front for prostitution (a fact every driver seems to get but, oddly, no police). Arteta doesn't have a solid or interesting take on this old situation, and he has no intrinsic feel for the ambiance of Los Angeles. What's worse, he has even less talent working with his Hispanic cast (these must be the most Anglo-ized Latinos and Latinas on the screen since the 1960s). The youngster's domineering, abusive father stands in the kid's way of his pursuing an acting career (wouldn't that bring in more dinero than sex-for-cash?), yet Arteta never puts this love-hate relationship into any perspective, and the flashback near the climax does nothing to reconcile our feelings for the characters. It's a mess, yet one can clearly perceive a spark of ambition here, a stab at something more profound than what we ultimately see on the screen. * from ****
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