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A romantically active travel agent gives all of his girlfriends keys to his flat - too many to keep count of.


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Oh dear could have been charming ...

Don't bother to knock on this film -- don't expect even light humour. Very inappropriate behaviour is muted and seems a tad unsavoury now.

The "sexuality" can't save the film (is there any?) or perhaps as some odd ball testosterone fuelled epic, as it fails in that challenge.

A cringe-worthy, toe-curling "Confessions of a Travel Agent," it is not. The film doesn't deliver one kick for the prurient or voyeuristic eyes? OK I have to admit Elke is stunning eye candy, however the acting of Todd is not worth even that watch.

Todd produced this, why? Well to re-boot his film career? But why such an appalling theme? Why such a dreadful script, blah, blah.

His fellow actors are very able and competent - shame then that the lead here is so miscast. Harry H Corbett would have made this film worthy, Tony Curtis the lead believable.

How sad then that Todd ruined any chance the film might have delivered with his very odd charmless lead. Miscast? Certainly .

That somehow each woman falls for his contrived, predatory behaviour seems highly unlikely. If charmless grey is an aphrodisiac then fine the women of the 50s/60s saw more in a man than most do today.

Is this a life/love story? A witty look at the bachelor gay that is turned by the love of a "good" woman. Well no. Any woman would have grimaced then and now at this charmless "charmer." But is that down to Todd's interpretation of a lothario? Clearly miscast here, even down the English beach he is a fish out of water, fortunately Elke (Ingrid) distracts!

This type of nonsense is why the British film industry died a death in the 60s - not just from TV's competition. R.Todd et al., is found trying to entertain what must have been to a very comatose audience.

Good shot though of the city of Edinburgh as it is often seen. Nothing changed for the Scots in fifty years - dreek city plus a pipe band (obviously) then it's no wonder they want Freedom! I wanted freedom too from this bloody film!

He is "on" all the time - if my dog wished to only live to get its leg over (as Todd's character clearly wished) then a visit to the vet for my pooch would have soon sorted that out. This "film" needed to be put out of its misery.

There's no reason for anyone to watch such a humourless film.

Today then I have taken one for Team Film-goer!

PS However if scenic shots and old cars is your bag... oh and girls in bikinis, then maybe it's fine. ( ... which is why it scored yet mainly bored, a four. Without the PS then 1/10).


Limp Effort at Farce!

Like another reviewer here, I immediately thought of Boeing Boeing, whilst watching Don't Bother to Knock. To be fair to the latter, Boeing Boeing was made 4 years later and is therefore more likely to have borrowed from DBTK than visa versa. BB also had a couple of significant advantages; Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis, both experienced in playing comedic roles.

Don't Bother to Knock relies heavily on the shoulders of lead actor Richard Todd and he is hopelessly miscast as a philandering middle-aged travel agent, who supposedly wants to settle down with his naive fiancee Stella. However his character's behaviour and actions just aren't convincing. Instead he comes across as an unfunny 40+ Lothario, whose constant attempts to seduce women far younger than him, are more in keeping with an over-sexed teenage male. Todd, well - known for his more dramatic roles, didn't have the light touch and the timing for comedy, let alone farce.

He's not helped by the script here, which doesn't exactly crackle with humour. Ironically one of the funniest things about this movie, which is mainly set in Edinburgh (to suit the storyline in the second half), is that I only remember one character who actually spoke with a Scottish accent ... a taxi driver. So yes, a distinct failure all around.

Don't Bother To Watch

This is a sex comedy without the sex and without the comedy.It is suspiciously like the big success of the early sixties,Boeing Boeing.It is a failed attempt by Richard Todd to reignite his career as a light comedian.He was 42 at the time and tries to romance girls half his age.A big surprise is seeing Judith Anderson in rubbish such as this.No wonder Todd made no further attempt at comedy.Incidentally in response to another reviewer Boeing Boeing was first performed on stage,3years before this film
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