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Biography | Drama
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Directors: Reinaldo Marcus Green [Director] ,

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A look at how tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams became who they are after the coaching from their father Richard Williams.


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From Prince to King

Anyone who watched Will Smith and his movies - well other than the Bad Boy franchise or other blockbusters - who are more than fine too, but don't really show off his acting muscles. So if you've seen other things he's done, you should be aware that he can act.

And if not, then this movie will make you aware of it. Not an easy character to play and surely quite weird for the Williams sisters to watch Will Smith being their dad ... but boy what a performance. Certain things are quite wild ... and I sometimes really wonder how he got away with a lot of things ... I reckon because of the plan ... well you'll understand when you watch the movie.

Or you already know - I wasn't aware of him as a public figure or as ... anything for that matter. Like everyone else I knew of the Williams sisters ... and I knew how good they are (or were, not even sure if they play anymore to be honest ... though one did while pregnant not long ago) ... as you can tell I am not following too much Tennis these days. But I know some of the players here ... and I recognized the names of certain people. Not the trainers ... you don't need to know anyone of course ... you can enjoy the drama of it all ... without being a fan of the sport itself.

Having said/written all that, the movie works on many levels. Do not expect to see all of the career that Venus and Serena had ... that may be material for another movie ... until then ... who knows, maybe an Academy Award for Mr. Will Smith?

Pretty Boring

Pretty boring biopic about the early days of tennis stardom for Venus and Serena Williams, focusing on the role their father played in their success.

If you read anything about the real person that Will Smith plays in this movie, you'll quickly understand how whitewashed it all is to make it more palatable and Oscar-baity. Well it worked, because lo and behold, here is "King Richard" among this year's slate of Best Picture nominees. Oh and look, there's Will Smith's name among the movie's producers. No wonder the character was whitewashed.

This hits every single mark you would expect it to, without a surprise or unpredictable moment within miles. The film's brightest spot is Aunjanue Ellis, as Smith's wife and mother to the Williams sisters. Every cookie cutter biopic about an overbearing, obsessive male must include a partner who suffers nobly and acts as the film's conscience, and Ellis gets that dubious job here. But she does quite well with it, and the movie sparkled a little bit more every time she was on the screen.

Tony Goldwyn and Jon Bernthal also stand out as two of the sisters' coaches.

Grade: B.

It's inspirational stuff, if a little fictional I suspect

'King Richard' is a funny film for me. I know the real story is nothing like what is portrayed here, but I was able to get enough out of it to really enjoy the movie anyway. I basically had to look at it as a work of fiction. The filmmakers were clearly terrified to show these characters in their true light, even in the smallest of ways, and probably fair enough too. These are some powerful people.

Will Smith is truly excellent in this movie. He is such a pleasure to watch when he's in this kind of form. He never drops a scene and he puts his heart and soul into the film. He has been nominated for Best Actor and while I think Benedict Cumberbatch will give him a run for his money, I think he will likely take it home.

Aunjanue Ellis has also been nominated in a Supporting Role. She has a lot less to do and isn't anywhere near as memorable or impressive unfortunately. I know the movie is called 'King Richard' and that was who they were choosing to focus on, however I was surprised how little they gave her character to do.

I really like the story structure of the film. It flowed very well and never really stalls at any point. I did think that the tennis match they were building up to at the end didn't feel anywhere near important enough to end the movie on. They made it out to be this big deal, but it just never really felt like that. The tennis scenes in the movie were very well done though it has to be said. They did a great job of making them look professional.

I liked this movie. I found it an inspirational tale. I like the concept of people working and giving everything they have to a dream with no promise of a good final result. I do think they left a lot of drama out and made sure everyone came out looking aces, but c'est la vie. It is what it is. 9/10.
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