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Directors: Asif Akbar [Director] ,

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A DEA agent with PTSD returns home after a botched mission and must now protect his family from a home invasion after a recently freed convict and his henchmen come after their stash of millions inside of the agent's home.


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Big names, big flop!

I'm disappointed by this appalling attempt at a thrilling action movie. The story is very basic, the script atrocious along with the directing. Such a shame to see the likes of Mickey Rourke and Michael Jai putting their names to this.

The most ridiculous thing I found was how so many people in a average size house seem to have no idea of what is occurring in the other rooms. I think I have been generous giving it a 3.

Don't waste 90 mins of your life on this one.

Watchable, but very generic action thriller...

Right, well the two reasons for why I sat down to watch the 2022 action thriller "The Commando" was because this was a movie that I hadn't already seen, and also because the movie had Michael Jai White on the cast list.

Had I heard about "The Commando" prior to watching it? Actually no. But then again, I rarely do sit down to watch trailers. So writers Asif Akbar, Al Bravo and Koji Steven Sakai had every opportunity to entertain me with this movie.

I will say that "The Commando" is watchable, for sure. But that being said, then I have to confess that it was at the same time also a dime-a-dozen movie. And by that I mean that "The Commando" doesn't differentiate itself from many other action thrillers. So director Asif Akbar didn't particularly bring anything new to the table. Don't get me wrong, the movie is still watchable and entertaining, it just was a tad generic and predictable.

It was good to see Michael Jai White in the movie, and he definitely does action movies quite well. It was also enjoyable to see Jeff Fahey in the movie, just a shame that he was only given limited screen time. As for Mickey Rourke, well, casting the shell that was formerly recognizable as Mickey Rourke is simply beyond my comprehension.

There was a couple of well-enough played out action scenes throughout the course of "The Commando", but not enough to make it a particularly outstanding or memorable movie. And for an action thriller, then "The Commando" is a movie that came and went without leaving a lasting mark.

My rating of this 2022 action thriller settles on a very mediocre five out of ten stars.

Another turd!

Any movie with 30 producers is going to be a stinker! It means they all threw in money but don't really know how to produce anything except toilet fodder. The acting is awful, especially to of the girls. Mickey Rourke is collecting a paycheck and phoning it in. Some decent stunts but that's all I can give it. Worth passing on. Not even D-list quality.
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