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Horror | Romance
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78 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Daniel Frei [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Joshua wants a special birthday. So, he hires Veronica to fulfill his wish of domination. Fetish is her specialty; for the right price she's up for anything. As the role-play progresses, though, things get out of hand and Joshua's health is compromised. With a heart bigger than her instincts, Veronica sticks around and helps him get back on the mend. In doing so, the dynamic shifts and we find out the real reason Joshua wants Veronica - He is an immortal searching for his mother - and he's convinced she lives inside Veronica, reincarnated and ready to be set free. Equal parts comedy, horror and family drama, Zero Avenue is a morbid meet-cute dancing on the edge of hysteria. Joshua and Veronica take us on a wildly inventive encounter where they trick, drug, and flirt with each other, ending up paralyzed, in suitcases, or roller-skating into insanity - all the while, falling in love (and covered in blood). Dialogue-driven with quick-witted characters, ZERO AVENUE is a mash-up of comedy and horror, exploring a thoughtful meditation on the dangers of family, new connections - and the unknown.


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Zero Avenue, Zero Interest...

As I sat down in 2022 to watch the 2021 movie "Zero Avenue", I did so without ever having heard about this movie from writer Braeson Herold and director Daniel Frei. But since it was a movie that I hadn't already seen, of course I opted to give it a chance.

Well, I have to say that "Zero Avenue" was not a movie that entertained me. The storyline in the movie, as written by Braeson Herold, fell entirely short of providing any sense of entertainment or enjoyment for me, so this movie was a swing and a miss. Not only did the story fail to entertain me, but the characters also had zero appeal as well.

Needless to say that I gave up on the movie, simply because there was nothing enjoyable here for me. So I cut the suffering short by ending the movie prematurely. And believe you me when I say that I am not returning to watch the rest of what director Daniel Frei had to offer with "Zero Avenue".

What is good about "Zero Avenue" was the production value. There was definitely some effort put into it, but it counts only for so much when the storyline, the base essence of the movie, fails to capture one's interest.

My rating of "Zero Avenue" lands on a two out of ten stars.
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