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A long long time ago a wizard was put to death, but he swore vengeance on the townsfolk that did him in, particularly Arthur Kelly's family. Arthur had done the final graces on him when he came back to life as Mr. Jack the Pumpkin Man. The Kellys proliferated through the years, and when some devil-may-care teens accidentally unleash Jack-O, young Sean Kelly must stop him somehow as his suburban world is accosted and the attrition rate climbs.


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You don't know Jack-O.

Amateurish, awkward modern slasher is not completely without its amusements, at least for die hard - and I do mean DIE HARD - B cinema completists. It's dull too much of the time, and the acting is by and large pretty dodgy. But considering just how minuscule the budget apparently was on this flick, it's to the credit of director Steve Latshaw and company that they pull off a movie that is at all coherent or enjoyable in the first place. The look of our evil pumpkin headed monster is decent, but the character obviously has not become an icon of the season.

A wizard played by John Carradine was put to death ages ago, and he placed a curse (but don't they all?) on his persecutors and their descendants. In the 1990s, the average suburban family the Kellys must do battle with the infernal demon of the title, conjured up by the wizard once upon a time.

The script by Patrick Moran is based on a story by Brad Linaweaver and Latshaws' contemporary Fred Olen Ray; Moran also plays Jack-O. It's on the lame side, all in all, with not much in it that's memorable in any way - save, perhaps, for the conservative couple the Watsons who watch a Rush Limbaugh parody character on TV. The gore isn't too bad, and Latshaw makes a good stab, if you'll pardon the expression, at generating some atmosphere.

But the characters are pretty inane. At least Carradine and his fellow veteran Cameron Mitchell (as a TV horror host) don't get embarrassed too much; their roles are really just cameos. (Their footage had been shot several years previously, and edited into some newly shot scenes.) The same goes for scream queen Brinke Stevens and *her* peer Dawn Wildsmith. Still, it's hard to completely knock any movie that gives Linnea Quigley the starring role, as she plays a surly, unlikely babysitter. Ryan Latshaw, who has the pivotal role of young Sean Kelly, is the son of the director.

Sadly, this would turn out to be the final film appearance for Mitchell.

Five out of 10.

Terrible Story Associated to Awful Acting

In Halloween, three friends seek an ancient cemetery in the suburb for fun and remove a cross from a tomb, where Jack-O was buried many years ago by the farmer Arthur Kelly. The evil creature is unleashed, kills the trio and seeks the descendants of the Kelly family for revenge.

The cheesy "Jack-O" is a combination of a terrible story with awful acting. I was curious with the name of John Carradine in the credits and I can not imagine how a relative authorizes the use of archive footage in such a bad movie, showing a total lack of respect with the name of this great actor. It is impressive how bad the acting is, shifting the film to a comedy instead of the proposed horror genre. This is the type of movie good to see with a group of friends, drinking beer, making comments and laughing a lot. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Jack-O ? Dem?nio do Halloween" ("Jack-O ? Demon of the Halloween")

a movie about Wacko Jacko would have been scarier; this is lame

Ugh. Pretty awful.

Linnea Quigley gets top billing, but her character doesn't have a big part. Who is her character supposed to be anyway, the little boy's aunt? Another user commented on her getting nude in a shower scene. While there was a shower scene in the movie, it was a head and shoulders shot. Perhaps there are some alternate versions of this movie.

Quigley does have a bigger part than John Carradine, Cameron Mitchell, and Brinke Stevens, though. Carradine shows up briefly in a monkish robe reciting vague dialog. No other characters are in the scene with him, though he's sort of composited in, or else there are over-the-shoulder shots unquestionably belonging to someone else. There's also a really bad photo of him in a cameo locket (it looks like a bad photocopy), and a decent picture of him in a family bible. He conjured up Jack-O originally, or something like that.

Cameron Mitchell briefly shows up on a TV as a TV horror host. Brinke Stevens is in the movie he's showing "The Coven," in which she runs around a cemetery in a robe. Evidently there's more of the Brinke footage as a bonus feature on the Retromedia DVD double feature Mark of the Witch/The Brides Wore Blood.

Jack-O: what's it about? Darn if I know. A little boy is told a story about a pumpkin-headed demon killer, and he and some other kids are scared by a woman they think is a witch for some reason. She follows him home and offers to help his family with their haunted garage for Halloween (put your hand through a hole and feel eyeballs that are actually grapes, etc.). The pumpkin-headed killer shows up several times to hold onto branches while he watches people, or hold his scythe in front of the camera and pose with it for a while. Sometimes he manages to do more than just stand around holding things, and actually kills people.

There are also some flashbacks to a western or prairie family, with the little boy playing the little boy in that family too: ancestors of his, I think. I think they figure into Jack-O's backstory, but I'm not sure how.

The little boy is ostensibly the main character, but we don't really learn anything about him except that he wears glasses, has nightmares, and will fight bullies even if he'll get beat up in the process. More time should have been spent establishing his character. I couldn't have cared less if he died.

Not recommended, not even for Halloween.
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