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Horror | Romance
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91 min
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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: Don Sharp [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A scheming couple plot to conceal a hidden cache of stolen money from its rightful owner. The only problem is that the house in which they plan to hide it is haunted.


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Short budgeted terror movie filled with chills , tension , intrigue and horrible crimes

Plot Summary : A former mental patient inherits the old house of a man who had killed his wife (Jean Marsh) and children and died nut . As he (Robert Hardy) lives in the mansion , but the insane spirit (also Robert Hardy playing a double role) of its previous owner seems to overcome him with a need to repeat the murders . Meanwhile, a scheming couple of brothers (Joan Collins , Christopher Lee) and the manor administrator (Herbert Lom) plot to rob a hidden cache of stolen money from its rightful owner . The only problem is that the house they plan to hide it in is haunted . There is more than death waiting for you in Dark Places.

This is a thrilling film including horror elements taken from Edgar Allan Poe and with plenty of chills , familiar drama , suspense and grisly killings . Filmed in low-budget though starred by an all-star-cast ; it's acceptable but no memorable picture and generally chilly clutch . Director Don Sharp has got other horror films for which has achieved a certain cult following . Good acting by Robert Hardy as a man who masquerading as a hospital administrator inherits a ruined mansion and nice support cast , such as Joan Collins as intriguing as well as seductive woman , Christopher Lee as astute brother ,he worked six times for director Don Sharp , Herbert Lom as a mean business attendant , Jane Marsh as wife and Jane Birkin as a young lover . Average cinematography , being necessary a right remastering because of the film copy is worn-out . Atmospheric and frightening musical score .

The motion picture was professionally adapted and directed by Don Sharp , though with no originality . He was born on the island of Tasmania off of Australia, and began his show-business career there as an actor. After World War II he traveled to England and continued his acting carer . He became a filmmaker in the mid-1950s and turned out some low- and medium-budget musicals, such as the Tommy Steele vehicle ¨It's All Happening¨ (1963). In the mid-1960s he was hired by horror specialist Hammer Films and turned out some well-received thrillers, including ¨Kiss of the vampire¨ (1963), his first for Hammer , this one along with ¨Witchcraft¨ and ¨Psychomania¨ are the best-regarded . He worked on a few films as second-unit director, most notably ¨The Fast Lady¨(1962) and ¨Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris¨ (1965), before returning to directing again, and turned out a string of thrillers such as ¨Callan¨, ¨Hennessy¨, and his version of ¨The thirty nine steps¨ , although much inferior to Hitchcock ; in addition , horror films and comedies . Towards the end of his career he worked in television on mini-series .

Ho Hum, A Haunted House...Right, Then

Unmemorable by-the-numbers haunted house flick with a great cast (Joan Collins, Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom, Jean Marsh, Jane Birkin) and decent story that could and should have been better. But unfortunately it is bogged down by its less than stellar direction, uncharismatic camera work and lame main actor Robert Hardy, who is about as interesting as a Saltine cracker...without the salt, of course. Lee & Collins play an unscrupulous couple trying to manipulate their hands onto the money that is hidden somewhere inside of the Marr Estate mansion which has just been willed to Robert Foster (played by Hardy) by its original tenant Andrew Marr (also played by Hardy) whose family was killed inside of the house and now is haunting it. Herbert Lom is the next door neighbor who is sort of helpful, but also wouldn't mind getting the cash into his pockets. If you didn't know better, you'd think this was a made-for-TV film, virtually wasting its great locations by filming the goings on as you would a family reunion. And again, there is too much Hardy and not enough Lee, Collins or Lom. But if you are a fan of haunted house films or British horror, there are certainly worse options out there. Then again, there are much better.

Forgotten classic with brilliant cast!

I have been looking a long time on the internet for this one and the only copy available is a DVD-r made of a video rip so I guess this is probably as good as it gets. And how good it gets indeed! Wonderful Hammer-style gem, creepy deserted house, hidden money and a tragedy from long ago that lies hidden in the walls. Robert Hardy (also active in similar flicks like Psychomania) lives up to his name of being an actor of versatility and depth. His transformation into the previous landlord of the house he has bought, is so well done you see his whole Shakespearian career in a flash. As if Joan Collins as femme fatale (and Jane Birkin!) isn't enough to make this a top notch cast, Christopher Lee plays her untrustworthy brother. So we are all set! I always love they way how Joan Collins manages to make being strangled look to sensual, it makes you think she has done it before - which she did in Tales From The Crypt but there it was Santa. And she did it again. When it came to the classic scene in Dynasty she had practiced this to perfection; who doesn't remember Blake trying to take the breath out of her? It would be great if this movie became more widely available on DVD in good quality.
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