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Drama | Mystery
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6.9 / 10 
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Directors: Andy Mikita [Director] ,

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Billie finds a corpse in her friend's father's basement, and gets involved in the murder investigation


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Skeleton gender

Loved the new characters even the reporter. But the police would know right away if a skeleton was a man or woman. That doesn't make sense.

It grew up

I have to say that I enjoyed so much the new direction this is taking. It felt like they had to regroup and start fresh. I like Rick Fox but his story line and the back and forth of the relationship felt like it had no where to go. This new addition felt fresh and the chemistry between the Holly Robinson Peete Billie character and. Colin Lawrence Detective Tyrell characters seemed more natural and comfortable.

The new character of Carlos was actually kind of annoying but he helped pushed the story along too. It will be interesting to see how his role develops.

I think that really it trimmed some things that didn't have a place to go. It also felt more suspenseful and edgy than previous ones but still with some warmth and laughs.


Did not enjoy. Will not watch again. Not happy with new characters. Sorry.
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