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100 min
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7 / 10 
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Directors: Diego Ongaro [Director] ,

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A famous rapper, disillusioned with the music industry and the pressures of being a celebrity, leaves the city and his career behind to find himself in a small-town farming community.


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Okay but definitely a 1 time watch

Big Gibbs fan and I was anticipating this film, but it was completely different than what I expected. It's pretty slow in parts. I think the main issue is the story and the script, because the actors and camera work is on point. Respectable leading debut for Freddie.

Better than some would have you believe

I didn't have any problem understanding the dialogue in this film. I would suggest anyone who did may not be a native english speaker.

I have seen farms run like this.

The actors were top notch. Anyone saying they weren't doesn't know what they're talking about. Just look at the imdb profiles of the actors.

I would maybe suggest that some people who have a problem with the actors and the film may have in reality problems with race.

A little slow but Freddie Gibbs is masterful!

This film is definitely a little slow but has a great story with some great acting. Freddie Gibbs is a natural and was a strain his first feature film.
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