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Action | Adventure
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23.976 fps
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147 min
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5.9 / 10 
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Directors: Colin Trevorrow [Director] ,

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After surviving the destruction of Isla Nubar and dealing with the conspiracy at the Lockwood estate, Owen Grady and Claire Deering took Lockwood's granddaughter Maisie with them upon learning she's actually the clone of Lockwood's daughter. They've been living under the radar to protect Maisie but she feels like a prisoner.one day Blue the raptor Grady trained at Isla Nuba and bonded with shows up and reveals that she bored an offspring which is impossible. Men are watching them and they are told to get Maisie and Blue's child which they do. Owen and Claire set out to find them. They ask some friends to help them and they eventually learn that it was Lewis Dodgson, owner of Biosynwho ordered their abduction.at the same time the country's crops are being attacked by some unusual locusts, Ellie Satler investigates and suspects the locusts were created by Dodgson who wants the world to rely o his crop that the locusts have not touched. So she asks Alan Grant her former partners help her. She was contacted by Ian Malcolm who works for Dodgson who invites them to Dodgson dinosaur sanctuary which is also his lab. They set out to prove Dodgson scheme but in the process they meet Maisie who bonded with Blue's child whom she named Beta.they try to escape but Dodgson tries to stop them. Claire Owen head to the sanctuary to save Maisie and Blue.


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Astonishingly bad, long and boring

Bad script, bad acting, stupid story, a new dinosaur every 5 minutes, too long, no suspense, Chris Pratt doing the hand thing, $160 million dollar budget for this, so many pointless dinosaur fights AND you took 2 and a half hours to tell me this garbage story.

Frankly embarrassing to everyone involved.

This franchise jumped the shark

Watch this movie and watch the original classic Jurassic Park. The contrast is staggering on how stupid and Hollywood these movies have become. It feels like they are trying to capture the same stupidity of the Fast & the Furious franchise's latest entries. The movie has high production value and decent acting but like many Hollywood turds the script is just unbelievably stupid. I absolutely hated Fallen Kingdom for that very reason and this movie is no different. Watch the movie to see how stupid it is for yourself if you don't believe me.

Racking up the air miles

I'm hoping with all the traveling in the first 40 minutes we could use the airline miles to get a better movie. Even the actors are like "wow this is a terrible script." The "convenience" of everything going on and how they just "happen to get the information" is just so terrible. Please STOP making Jurassic Park movies. The nostalgia wore off a long time ago.
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