The Day the Earth Froze (1959) 1080p

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The Day the Earth Froze (1959) 1080p - Movie Poster
Adventure | Fantasy
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24 fps
Finnish 5.1  
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90 min
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3.9 / 10 
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Directors: Aleksandr Ptushko [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Classical myth from the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. The sister of master blacksmith/magician Ilmarinen falls in love. This is a sign that the time has come for Ilmarinen to create the Sampo, a magic mill that makes silver and gold, flour and salt. When evil witch Loukhi's initial plan to acquire the Sampo is foiled, she retaliates by stealing the sun right out of the sky.


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Manageable fantasy programmer

This is a ok yarn of a Finland fairytale what else to say

Bear with me here...

This is a smashingly well-made epic about a Finnish mythological tale. I found the movie via MST3K (which I love!) and even with their joshing in the background the whole time and the terrible dubbing, I could tell this is an incredibly well-done film. In addition, I wouldn't expect most Americans to understand this, but as someone with Scandinavian ancestry who loves mythology of every culture, these kinds of stories are really tough to grok and appreciate. What seems hokey to glib folks from the 20th & 21st century US with no appreciation for culture or history is actually fascinating to people who give a hoot about something other than themselves / being flippant jerks.

The cinematography of this film is absolutely outstanding. The musical score is Oscar-worthy. (John Williams himself would kill to write a soundtrack this good.) The acting is a bit over the top, but *it all was when this came out.* The filming locations are gorgeous, and fitting for the scope of the plot. The sets are remarkable for the time and the costuming is amazing.

Bottom line, this is a ***really*** great movie and anyone who thinks otherwise wasn't paying attention. I'd give my eye teeth to get my hands on the original, undubbed version.

Awesomest Finnish movie...but it's half Russian

Finns have some problem with fantasy films. There are hardly any, and few that do exist are usually crappy. Even today most new movies are set in everyday reality. That's boring! I can't understand how our country that makes a lot of heavy metal music fails so hard in making cool movies.

Sampo has great source material - the national epic Kalevala. But even with great material like that the movie didn't happen until a Russian director grabbed the project. I've heard it caused controversy that a very Finnish theme was used by foreign filmmakers but I'm glad somebody - anybody - dared to make the movie in the first place.

The movie takes some liberties and is a bit disappointing if you know the Kalevala tales. But it's still a cool movie. It's visually stunning, many of the scenes are such pieces of art that I'd put them on my wall as still images. Not a perfect film by any means but definitely better than average Finnish movie.

Finns wake up now, grab your swords and grow your V?in?m?inen-beards. This is what movies are about!
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