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A global steelworks company partners with an aerospace firm to mine the Moon. But when a drilling accident causes a giant piece of the Moon to crack off and hurtle towards Earth, the surviving space team and the head of the firm must figure out how to destroy the meteoroid before it wipes out the entire planet. —JoBlo


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Really bad

I'm truly impressed how bad this movie is. The story might be interesting and gripping, but the execution is horrible. Visible body microphones and microports, irrational makeup and dirt on people's faces and clothes, earthquakes created just by the shaking the camera and actors falling down in a weird way, funny props, ridiculous use of gas masks. And that's just the beginning. The movie's pace fluctuates rather substantially - sometimes its really slow and boring, and sometimes a lot happens in a short time span.

It seems obvious that this movie had a budget of about 50 bucks, so don't expect high-end special effects. However, there are some aspects that can be appreciated. First of all, the acting is quite all right. Most of the characters are played by people taken directly from the street, with no or very little acting experience. But they still perform OK. Secondly, the background music is spot on. It's hard to call it a soundtrack but all the pieces fit well with the scenes and they do build tension. Actually, the sound does it better the the actors. Finally, the script deserves some credit. A broken relationship gets fixed while saving the planet.

Oh, and the world is going to end due to a seemingly inevitable collision of a Moon meteoroid cluster with the Earth.


Bad bad bad bad. Terrible acting. Terrible "special effects" a high-schooler with a MacBook and a green screen could produced something better. The actual storyline isn't too bad but you just can't watch it without cringing.

Interesting concept

Let down by bad acting. It's hard to watch. I like the amateur special effects however there is not a lot of it it's mostly soap opera type acting so I got bored and turned it off.
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