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Directors: Robert Aldrich [Director] ,

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Sex, torture, and betrayal in Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot, leader of the Hebrews, believes that his people can co-exist with the Sodomites--a disastrous decision.


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More Leone than Aldrich for me

Each time I watch a biblical huge production, I don't care about the story nor the religious, or philosophical message. Never. I only care about producton design, settings, number of extras on screen and especially in gigantic battle scenes, with high, very high body count. That's what I am interested in. This film seems closer to the Hollywood standards than the Italian ones, because I guess of the budget allowed. I don't see any trace of Aldrich's touch here and that doesn't surprise, nor disturb me that much. Plus, Stewart Granger and Stanley Baker's presence are the guarantee of a good film, worth watching for any moviegoer.

Only the facts have been changed to protect...

.... profits? And even those did not turn out so well for this film. This is one of those films produced shortly before the production code died that uses a Biblical theme so that there can be lots of violence, implied sex, and the movie can end with a big explosion! And if anyone complains just explain it is a Bible story.

Stewart Granger is the heroic Lot, nephew of Abraham, who leads his people to settle in the valley near the title cities, which are ruled by the cruel Queen (Anouk Aimee). Lot and his people battle for their survival against wicked forces and conspiring foes, before the cities face biblical judgment without benefit of computer generated effects. With Pier Angeli as Lot's wife, and Stanley Baker as the villainous Astaroth. After taking very generous liberties with the biblical text, this ends up as a lackluster costume drama with some big battle scenes directed by Sergio Leone. The production design is pretty good, thanks to the efforts of Ken Adam, and the score by Miklos Rozsa is effective. Stewart Granger as Lot portrays the perfect sort of regret which many might understand today.

Lot's wife was turned to a pillar of salt. That's about all they got right. Oh well, if you watched De Mille's "Ten Commandments" as the truth you'd think that the Egyptian plagues and Pharoah pursuing the Israelites had to do with a love triangle.

This being made almost 60 years ago, they have to imply certain things, such as what is going on between the queen and her "favorite". Lots of biblical epics were made in the 50s and 60s, some worth watching, some not. This one is a 50/50 proposition.

It is not faithful to the bible, but amazing otherwise.

The performance of Amouk Aimee (Queen Bera) and Stanley Baker(Asthorath) is imposing and quite delightful. Evil but lovable at the same time.

Some people complain that it wasnt about naked lust , and explicit orgies were not shown at all. Really?It was filmed in 1961, a naked picture would have been a scandal!

Instead , the scenes are seductive, filled with tasteful naughtiness that leave everything to some subtle imagination. Mitsuko Takara's dance moves are right on target and she is as seductive as beautiful.

My favorite performances came from Queen Bera and Ildith (Pier Angeli). They steal the show with their stunning beauty and performances.Stewart Grange is a bit dissapointing as Lot. And yes, there are some cheesy moments in the film.

Finally, Miklos Rosza shows why he was the master of musical performances. The soundtrack is worth everything he promises.

The movie is worth every detail. However, it cant be watched with a modern perspective.
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