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Action | Drama
Frame Rate:
24 fps
English 5.1  
Run Time:
99 min
IMDB Rating:
6.5 / 10 
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Directors: Dan Trachtenberg [Director] ,

Movie Description:
The origin story of the Predator in the world of the Comanche Nation 300 years ago. Naru, a skilled female warrior, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.


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Deleting non-conforming reviews?

Seriously, what is the point of a review site like IMDB if you are going to delete reviews when the outrage club downvote your opinion and complain? Sure, freedom of speech doesn't apply in a privately held businesses. I get that. But the very heart of a rating site is to solicit discord. My review did not violate your rules of use. Yet it was still deleted because of the outcry factions. Smh.

Should I apologize for not joining the herd and given false accolades to this movie? I see the aggregated score dropping by the day as more patrons watch the film and come to the same conclusion I did.

This film isn't a good film. It may have good technical cinematography when compared to the original film in the franchise. But we are also witnessing at least thirty plus years of advancements in cinematography since the original film starring Arnold. The screenplay still sucked even if it caters to the Mary-sue girl-power loving closed minded outrage club.

No matter, the original film still will hold its own against this terrible film. Time will show it isn't as good. Your reputation for fairness, tolerance and balanced movie reviews will not. As it stands now, IMDB's best feature is its film encyclopedia. But reviews are skew by a few that throw tantrums when others don't agree with their assessment of these film.

Poor writing

Even a fantastical plot has to be somewhat believable. This one is far, far from it. This über advanced killing machine defeated some things extremely easily and showed some extreme technology, skill and capability, but in other parts of the movie it doesn't even seem able to tie its own shoelaces. Of course "Girl Power" wins the day, the western people are all evil and/or stupid and the native Americans are pure, heroic and all good. More politics, more wokeness, more mediocrity being hailed as a masterpiece by the critics.


IMDB took down my review. My genuine rating about this anemic film. That's all you need to know about media. Why? Because I said Amber looked great on camera but didn't look like she could do squat about fighting a technologically advanced alien. Uh-huh.
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