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Animation | Adventure
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105 min
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5.9 / 10 
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Directors: Peggy Holmes [Director] ,

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If my daughter likes it that's a huge win

Not often can I find a movie that both my daughter and I can enjoy. This movie was enjoyable for both of us and that is huge. Between a funny unicorn and a black cat done by one of my fave actors, Simon Pegg, I find this enjoyable enough to watch more than once (which all parents know is the hallmark of a true movie winner). She likes it and I enjoy it enough to watch it with her. And as someone who leans heavily into the bad luck column I can relate to Sam.

Luck meets the minimum requirements...

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"Luck meets the minimum requirements of having a light story with simple characters and sweet messages, but it's far from an inspiring, imaginative, incredibly entertaining work.

The humor related to the protagonist's misfortunes induces some moments of laughter, but even these are cliches repeated countless times throughout the history of cinema. Strangely, the 3D animation fails to offer expressiveness and emotion to the characters, being limited to the beautiful environment that surrounds the narrative.

The score tries to elevate the overall film with sentimental tunes and melodies, but unfortunately, it's not enough to avoid the first animated disappointment of the year."

Rating: C.


Finally a new kids movie without pushing social justice issues onto children. So sick of that!

Just an all around feel good movie for kids and parents alike.
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