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88 min
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5.2 / 10 
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Directors: Damián Romay [Director] ,

Movie Description:
All-star soccer player Jenna Sims and her mom Sally are ready for a new start when they move to a new, sunny beach town.


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Not Bad

For a typical LM this one was not bad. Beautiful and interesting lead made this movie likeable. More for ppl who like soccer and high school drama. But be ready to check your logic at the door because some of the things the mother did made 0 sense!

What did I just watch?

Another Lifetime horrible stinker. Bad movie bad story line and really bad acting. Why are all Lifetime movies now about kids or teens? Lifetime needs to do better.

Just a little hard to believe

Ok, so it's feasible that a soccer coach would be involved with a HS girl- happens in real life. But, a HS soccer coach who pays the refs off to get wins and then, with the help of his HS sweetie, kills two of his own players and almost kills another one, and sets up his new player to be suspected of one of the! He's greatly reducing his roster and they don't even have a salary cap!

Just too much to believe- a nice trip into fantasyland.

Also, if you're going to show soccer action scenes (or basketball or whatever) PLEASE get some real players to make the scene realistic. The soccer scenes were pathetic.

Probably doesn't deserve even a three. Who produces this crap?
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