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Horror | Mystery
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89 min
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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Chris Sivertson [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Story centers on a traumatized woman fleeing from her abusive ex-husband with her 7-year-old son. In their new, remote sanctuary they find they have a bigger, more terrifying monster to deal with.


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A 1950s mom gets away with her son to a remote rented house, but something sinister keeps emerging from the pond out back.

Psychic trip, not a real horror, but done with great style in the cinematography and set dressing, and a gorgeous soundtrack of period tunes.

The lead performance is spot on, with a willingness to please barely concealing a wire-taut inner tension. From the start it's clear we're in a subconscious world elaborately maintained in technicolor dresses and bob hairstyles, shadowed by subtle undertones in the score to generate a sense of the uncanny. The pace does drag a little, I think because the viewer has no relief in the constant look-out for clues to the mystery. Although the scenes are nice and crisp, the editing smooth, at no point did I lose myself in the events.

At the heart of the story is the return of repressed emotion, but perhaps the writer mistook her starting point: it's not the event in the pool, but the reaction to that event - in other words, why is the process so difficult for this particular woman? Perhaps the line about fault needed a rethink, with something more troubled lurking behind.

Overall: Domesticated uncanny.

Give it a chance

Horrible review because people only compare it to others...Christina Ricci is brillant. This is a psychological thriller with a touch of horror.

A story with a touch of poetry. The idealized 50's with perfect mums doll look a like...Yet the reviews were superficial the movie isn't perfect but over the 4.6. For real viewers.

Dont listen to the haters ots an excellent film but it's a psychological thriller hardly any horror no gore slaying slashing no killing just GREAT film

If you're looking for Friday the 13th or the conjuring you'll be disappointed but if you want a little thriller with a phenomenal performance by Ricci then here you go. We also love the cinematography and the and the soundtrack is it a perfect film no but it has a message and my wife and I enjoy a film that has a message that is true to life yet has an entertaining storyline that inflates it. We throughly enjoyed it was it predictable somewhat yes but not completely and we think predictable gets a bad wrap. Bottom line films are to be ENTERTAINING and this film was Ricci was phenomenal the whole cast was we own the dvd and will definitely watch it again. It's a 7.5 but we bumped it to a 9 because of the RIDICULOUS low score on imdb.
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