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Horror | Sci-Fi
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101 min
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4.3 / 10 
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Directors: Thierry Notz [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A genetically re-engineered dog develops a psychic link with a monster created in a lab experiment which goes awry.


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Cheesy and campy creature feature...

When I sat down here in 2022 to watch the 1990 sci-fi horror movie "Watchers II", I had never even heard about the movie. I happened to stumble upon it by random chance, and seeing that the movie was starring Marc Singer, of course I had to watch it. And also since it was a movie that I hadn't already seen, I would give director Thierry Notz's 1990 movie a chance.

The storyline in "Watchers II" is pretty straight forward, simplistic actually. This is an archetypical creature feature about a man-made creature that escapes captivity and goes on a murderous rampage. So writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris managed to put together a somewhat stereotypical and generic script and storyline here. Sure, it was watchable, but this wasn't exactly a gemstone in cinema history. If you enjoy these cheesy and campy creature features, then grab the snack, lean comfortably back and watch the screen.

The acting in the movie was adequate. I mean, you know you're not in for an award-winning performance with a movie such as "Watchers II", but the actors and actresses did actually put on fair enough performances with their roles and characters.

Now, a creature feature movie is usually rather dependent on having proper special effects to bring the creature to life on the screen. And while I am sure that back in 1990s then the effects in "Watchers II" were somewhat adequate, they haven't aged well. The creature design is somewhat strange, and it is blatantly obvious to see it is just a man wearing a full-body latex costume, especially with the lack of articulation in the creature's face.

All in all, "Watchers II" is a watchable enough movie, though you should not count on being in for a great cinematic experience. And while I managed to sit through this movie, I can't claim to want to return to watch it a second time. Nor am I particularly interested in tracking down the 1988 movie ""Watchers", nor the 1994 "Watchers III" movie.

My rating of director Thierry Notz's 1990 "Watchers II" movie lands on a four out of ten stars.

This is a huge step down from the original

Watchers II (1990) is a movie I recently watched on YouTube. The storyline follows a genetically engineered monster that escapes a laboratory and begins hunting down a unique dog. A laboratory assistant and a man who found the dog, and the dog will work together to bring down the monster.

This movie was directed by Thierry Notz (The Terror Within) and stars Marc Singer (The Beastmaster), Tracy Scoggins (Lois & Clark), Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000) and Irene Miracle (Inferno).

This is a wild movie. It takes awhile to actually get to see the monster so you need to enjoy Singer and the dog for the most part. You do get to watch the dog type on a key board and hack into systems and discover what's going on for the humans, all while typing with a pencil. That was pretty cool. Once the monster arrives the special effects on the creature is well done. The Predator night vision was okay too. The entire grocery store scene is awesome. The fights between the monster and dog are good and the final few scenes are entertaining.

Overall this is a huge step down from the original with Corey Haim. I would score this a 3.5-4/10 and only watch if you can't find something better on.

Watch Your Step

The first Watchers movie, which got a limited Stateside theatrical release, found whatever minor success it attained on home video in the rental utopia that was the late 1980s. It apparently made enough money to tempt Roger Corman into a Direct To Video follow up 2 years later.

Interestingly, well ok, not really, but unusually, Watchers II is actually not a sequel, but essentially a remake of the original. Apparently it's more faithful to the Dean Koontz source material, not being a Corey Haim vehicle, but not having read it I couldn't say for sure.

A top secret government experiment to create the perfect killing machine leads to a hyper intelligent golden retriever, designed to infiltrate enemy bases, and 'the outsider' a genetically modified, humanoid monster psychically linked to the dog that will follow him and kill everyone he's been in contact with in his quest to destroy him. Via shenanigans both escape in a lab accident and the dog is taken in by a helpful stranger who teams up with a helpful and sexy scientist who worked on the project to try and defeat the Outsider and save the dog

I've left that a bit vague because I'm gonna copy and paste it for review in future sequels. The helpful stranger in this case Paul Ferguson (Marc Singer) a soldier on his way to trial by military police whose transport is derailed by the outsider during its escape and the deaths of his fellow soldiers being blamed on him. This beautiful scientist in this entry is Tracy Scoggins.

This is very much DTV material, in terms of acting, direction and effects. Hell, even the cover art is a lame photo that I get the feeling was shot on the last day of filming. Singer and Scoggins are solid enough leads at this level, albeit it makes you wonder if the dog's ability to communicate with Singer is less because it's super intelligent and more because he's the Beastmaster. The dog is the star of the show, which is something of a series staple.

The monster suit is far from the best I've ever seen, though also not even in the bottom 10 rubber monsters you'll find in a Corman movie. Unfortunately the design, particularly of its head, it's awful, and I'm not even sure what they were going for. I've seen others say it's the same suit from The Terror Within (a film also directed by Thierry Notz) which I'm not convinced is the case. It's definitely similar but to be honest I remember that looking better.

Watchers II really isn't very good, but also isn't terrible either. Before watching it, or even reading this I'm sure you'll be well aware if there's any chance of you enjoying a DTV sequel to a Roger Corman movie based on a Dean Koontz novel, and as such view accordingly. It's a watchable (harhar) cheesy horror flick you're unlikely to have any inclination to see a second time.
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