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  • My Demon Within (2005) 1080p - Movie Scene 1
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  • My Demon Within (2005) 1080p - Movie Scene 1

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Wow. Just wow...

This movie, from writer and director Michael Su, was bad. So very, very bad. In fact, the best thing about the entire ordeal is the movie's cover/poster. And that cover is over-selling the movie by a mile.

The storyline in "My Demon Within" is pretty straight forward, I will say that. But it was a fairly simplistic and somewhat pointless storyline actually, and there was only a little bit of entertainment to be had here.

Now, what made the movie such a waste of time and effort was the acting performances, the dialogue and the special effects.

The acting performances "My Demon Within" were dubious and wooden at best. Actually, most of the performances put on in "My Demon Within" were cringeworthy and amateurish. I am sure that there is an audience out there that enjoys this, but I just wasn't part of that audience. One thing should be said here, though, and that is that it looked like the actors and actresses in the movie were having fun making this movie.

The dialogue in "My Demon Within" was pretty poorly written. There was no natural flow or feel to the dialogue that the actors and actresses stumbled through delivering on the screen.

And then there was the special effects. Oh, they were 'special' alright. The effects in "My Demon Within" were just rubbish. It was so difficult to sit there and watch, and having to take it in and accept it to work.

For a horror movie, then the true horror here is why or how something like "My Demon Within" comes into being. If you are a horror fan, then do yourself a favor and avoid this movie.

My rating of "My Demon Within" lands on a one out of ten stars.

Wow! FX1 Footage??

I currently own an FX1, and I truly am amazed at this footage. Though it does have a bit of a video look, the lighting and camera angles sure do make up for it. I'm willing to bet if the filmmakers tweaked some 24P settings in post-production it would REALLY set the standards for this cam as a recognizable piece of equipment that can be used in film. Because all you get from a lot of people is that the FX1 can never be used for motion pictures and never should, but after seeing this it has proved the doubting-Thomas' wrong.

You guys are an inspiration for all FX1 users.

Take care all, and WELL DONE!

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