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Reclusive and controversial author Bruce Cogburn is drawn out of hiding by an obsessive fan, forcing the novelist to confront a past that he thought he could escape, and to account for events set in motion by his bestseller decades earlier. Cogburn's search for who is behind the manipulation and mental torment he encounters leads to an emotional roller-coaster ride full of fear and danger, where things are not always as clear as they seem to be, and where past deeds can have dire consequences.


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I actually enjoyed it

I actually enjoyed it - it was better than what I was expecting. The beginning gets to be little drawn out to finally work your way towards the end - but it's not bad. Again, I enjoyed it. Guy Pierce did a great job - and although it was a little slow, I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Now then if I added more to this review, I'd probably have have spoilers - and I don't want to completely dissect the entire film or spoil anyth. But it wasn't terrible - a little bit drawn out - but it was okay overall. This sentence I am writing now will help me to reach the mandatory minimum length of my review! Whew!!!

A slow-burn thriller with dark & moody set-up... to a bloated, self-satisfied & implausible ending

A thriller as slow-burn as debut writer / director Andrew Hunt's "The Infernal Machine" relies on its ending, which here is self-satisfied, contrived & implausible... wasting some terrific dark & moody set up work. Reclusive writer Guy Pearce (always solid) lives in isolation after his only novel inspired a mass-shooter 40yrs+ ago. Then SOMEONE starts sending him persistent 'fan mail'... but is it more sinister than that (duh)? Is it the jailed shooter Alex Pettyfor? Will Pearce get help from pretty cop Alice Eve (whose performance epitomises the whole movie: surprisingly good, til ultimately it ain't)? Worthy questions all, all sadly let down by that bloated ending. Shame... sigh.

Guy Pierce at his best

I feel sorry for the reviewers who didn't enjoy this.

Guy Pearce is like a wine that just gets better with age. Right now, I'd watch anything with him in it.

I enjoyed the cinematography, the music and - heaven forbid - the story. Yes this is a slow burn and if you have the attention of a meerkat, give it a miss. But, if like me, you like it slow, it's worth the wait for the reveal at the end. For those who figured it out half way through, well done. Someone called the rest 'silliness' - well it wasn't in my book.

I enjoyed not overthinking the who and why and liked how the story played out.
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