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90 min
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Directors: K. Asher Levin [Director] ,

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A widowed father and his daughter whose house is up for demolition, are taken hostage by a dangerous couple, who won't stop until they retrieve what lies beneath the property.


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This movie is a bit of a damp squid, or lame duck, (depending on your geographical location). This is primarily because of the acting. At first I though the script was at fault, and although some exchanges are lengthy, and let me be candid, this movie relies heavily on dialogue, but no, it's really the acting which lets it down... and the screenplay to some extent. It's not to say the script is bad. Its good overall, but needs tightening up in a few place, its just not tight enough for a project so heavily reliant on it

The acting on the other hand is an entirely different matter. Emil Hirsch in particular is miscast. He doesn't carry off the hillbilly redneck well enough, its forced and unnatural. Liana Liberator who plays his girlfriend sidekick is worse. They are a bargain bucket version of Oliver Stones 'Natural Born Killers' pairing played by Wood Harrelson and Juliet Lewis and there is no glossing over the shortcomings they have. Even Thomas Jane's character seems contrived and overplayed, which leads me to believe that K Asher Levin who directs this one may be at fault.

The story starts of well enough but sadly goes steadily down hill after the opening act and it becomes a bit of a slug fest after that.

I'm not going to go into great detail because it's not really worth it.

I'll give it 4 because its not terrible, but i did have a hard time making it to the end, which is always a big sign of a movies shortcomings.

Can't recommend it in all honesty.


The movie is pretty tedious to be honest. It starts off kind of ok, then just goes down hill bit by bit, scene by scene. There is way way too much dialogue and I kind of feel bad for the actors because the script is pretty lame.

There are a few good scenes, but overall I barely made it to the end. And by the end you just want it to end already.

I keep wondering how scripts like this get good actors to sign on board, how do they not know how bad the script and film would turn out?

Also, the director chose this honkey tonk soundtrack instead of a score so that also doesn't work. 3/10. Thanks for the effort but it just didn't work out.
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