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Crime | Drama
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126 min
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0 / 10 
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Directors: Allan Ungar [Director] ,

Movie Description:
After escaping a Michigan prison, a charming career criminal assumes a new identity in Canada and goes on to rob a record 59 banks and jewellery stores while being hunted by a police task force. Based on the story of The Flying Bandit.


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Wholesome, Mel Gibson does well.

Josh Duhamel is a diamond in the rough -- I wish he were in more film; he's clever funny with a little bit of edge. This is sort of like Catch Me If You Can with the pleasantness as well as robberies. Mel Gibson once again produces and stars in this and you can tell because he plugs in his beliefs which are against the mainstream and does it in a subtle way that it doesn't hurt anybody unlike the other side does. This is a warm film about a thief who is a master of disguises and doesn't harm anybody during the heist. The police are jealous that he can live in luxury while they have to do actual work. Gibson plays a mobster which is fun to see him play parts that he wouldn't be in real life (Father Stu for instance), and is believable. Elisha Cuthbert is lovable as always and plays a really down-to-earth wife who knows her husband is a bank-robber but knows that the money belongs to a corrupt branch of government that forecloses homes.

Fun film, definitely putting it up there with American Made and Catch Me If You Can.

A decent one-time watchable true-crime dramedy.

It's an interesting story that as a Canadian, I didn't even know about, but even Duhamel's charm wasn't enough to save the disjointed narrative. There are many small issues that failed this film to be great, instead of just good. One of the issues was the long and dragged out 126 min runtime; it had too much frustratingly bland filler and too little engaging substance to hold the viewer's attention. I was getting impatient in many scenes to "just get on with the story". I don't mind long running times, especially when time flies in the way the story is laid out and told, but in this case, time dragged on and I kept losing interest in between many scenes. I also felt the film suffered an identity crisis - not sure if it wanted to be taken seriously, or make me laugh along the way. Both happened, but not enough of either to keep me entertained in the 126 mins. The funny parts weren't funny enough, and the suspenseful parts were too far in between. I feel this needed to be cut down to a 90-100 min runtime to be more enjoyable. The middle parts of the film just didn't hold my attention very well. Even the narrating felt half completed and question if it needed more, or none at all to get the story going. It all just felt too bland and pedestrian to keep me entertained throughout. Although performances were decent and convincing especially Gibson and Duhamel, and the cinematography and score on point, this could've easily been more fun and suspenseful in the hands of more seasoned filmmakers.

Well done bank robber movie (not a Mel Gibson film)

Mel Gibson has a small role (he's great but his recent movies have been really low B-minus) in this 80s bank hiest story starring Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert, and Nestor Carbonell, all of whom do a great job. The plot is a bit bland and too drawn out, but made more interesting with its great cast, fairly realistic scenes of robberies in pre-internet Canada, and the impression that it's a true story (I don't know if it actually is). If you like bank robber movies, this one is pretty fun and well produced. Not much violence, sex or bad language, so it's a good family movie if you need to be saved from a reality show or (argh) a Hallmark movie.
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