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Action | Crime
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107 min
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Directors: Anna Foerster [Director] ,

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A massive storm rages. A young girl is kidnapped. Her mother, with no other option, teams up with the mysterious older woman next door to pursue the kidnapper a journey into the wilderness that will test their limits and expose dark and shocking secrets from their pasts.


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Meh, another boring fantasy

Look, we get it. Hollywood wants strong women characters. You have yelled it at us 1000 times. This was another poor attempt at that. You get a 100 year old, 100 pound women and she says she was an operator in a past life and we watch her embarass 25 year old men who are twice her weight and ALSO operators. People get shot and stabbed and in car wrecks and fall off buildings but continue to run and climb and jump. When Arnold or Sly do it we almost believe it. When the old liberal lady from "West Wing" does it we are just embarrassed for you. Even the CGI was made for daytime TV. Just stop. Movie was bad. Can't recommend. Watch "Atomic Blond" again. At least she is 25 and muscular.

An actually enjoyable movie

I almost missed this gem due to the negative reviews, but if there's one thing I've learnt over time, it's that you don't always trust ratings. I was right to give this one a try, the acting was good and all characters played their role absolutely well.

Story wise, I think it was just meant to be an enjoyable thriller, not one to make you over think. If you accept what this movie is ( an enjoyable weekend thriller) then you won't be disappointed at all. I think this can be added to someone of the good movies Netflix has featured and there's been quite a few.

TDLR: Good movie, nothing to complicated, an easy watch with some good acting and good action. Ignore the negative reviews and just enjoy the ride.

Intriguing beginning but quickly drops in quality

As "Lou" (2022 release; 109 min) opens, we are introduced to Lou, a fifty-something "lone ranger" woman in remote Washington State (we later learn it's the San Juan Islands). One senses she has had a complicated past. Her neighbor is Hannah, a thirty-something mother of a young daughter. A big storm is arriving soon, and before you know it, things go haywire on many different levels. At this point we are 10 min into the movie.

Couple of comments: this film is directed by noted cinematographer Anna Foerster. More importantly, the film is produced by none other than J. J. Abrams, immediately raiding expectations. Alas, it was not to be. For that, look no further than the script, which is frankly quite weak. Not only do things happen that simply make no sense, but worse, there is never any doubt how all of this is going to play out in the end. There are two bright lights: first, Allison Janney brings a tough performance in the title role. Second, the outdoor scenery (somewhere in the wild and wide open Pacific Northwest) is simply tops. It's a shame that the rest of the production isn't on the same high level.

"Lou" premiered on Netflix this past weekend. If you are in the mood for an "action thriller" that is fairly straight-forward if not predictable, I'd readily suggest you keep your expectations fairly low, and then draw your own conclusion.
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