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Action | Crime
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7 / 10 
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Directors: Richard Hughes [Director] ,

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Miami's top mob enforcer Cuda (Antonio Banderas) sacrifices it all to tear down the criminal organization he's spent his whole life building up when he discovers his boss Estelle (Kate Bosworth) is putting a young runaway's life in grave danger. Now he has one last chance to make up for his past and find redemption - both for himself and his family - before the mob hunts him down for his betrayal.


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Lower rated movies are really higher quality?

Some people compare this to Liam Neesons movies and say it is similar etc.

I saw Taken and ended it there for Mr Neeson as although I like him as an actor, he went the Jason Statham route and oversaturated his role with sequels and similar movies and enough is enough.

This movie felt fresh, daring, brave and a slap in the face of real exploiters of people. Not really a fan of Banderas as only seen Desperado and some other western and the assassins movie from decades ago all which were mediocre but it seems he was tailor made for this movie.

Events like those shown in this movie (probably except the ending) are taking place daily and being covered up with a system in place to suppress exposure so it is a daring movie when you draw parallels to the reality of the system in place. Those who have researched this topic know it is a single integrated global network involving powerful people and not just a few people looking to earn money.

Joaquin Phoenix did a movie like this, this one with Banderas is better.

CRINGE WORTHY. This sure as heck aint no "Taken", it is a laughably sentimental surrogate of "the tough old criminal" genre.

Wow, did they get things wrong with this movie.


Worst combination of genres possible. Clint Eastwood perfected the tough guy genre. Liam Neeson did it again with the "Taken" series. But Antonio Banderas fails to become a real tough guy. Not because he cant act like one, but because of this TERRIBLE script that cant seem to decide wether this is sentimental tearjerker or a tough action crime movie.

Not any good? Well, the start was really violent and heavy and impressive. I honestly thought I was in for a solid butch action crime movie. But that promising start only lasted for some 20 minutes. Bummer!

The bad: then after some 20 minutes we suddenly get to see "tough" criminal Antonio Banderas suddenly turn into a sentimental dad, stuttering and embarassing himself while seeing his daughter for the first time in years.

Then after that we get to see minutes long of a lovey dovey romantic scene with another supposedly "tough" crime guy. And this goes on and on throughout the entire movie. Apperently sentimental wokism has even penetrated the crime movies genre!

Really strange and CRINGEWORTHY mix of ( a little bit) of violence and LOTS of sentimental lovey dovey stuff.

Good Action Crime Thriller with Heart.

The Enforcer is a decent and well made movie.

The action scenes are good, with some pretty brutal fights. The characters are believable and well acted.

The films got a good atmosphere, mixing dark underworld themes and hot miami afternoons.

The Music score is excellent with some nice tunes and even some enjoyable techno.

This isnt an epic masterpiece, it's more of a cool, small pulp fiction story. It's not overly long, and isn't trying to be anything other than itself. And in that respect The Enforcer wins with it's charm and heroic story.

Its a good and respectable flick. I personally enjoyed it a lot and think you will too! :-)
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