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Directors: Valerie Buhagiar [Director] ,

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Carmen is a charming story, inspired by true events, set in a village in Malta. Carmen has looked after her brother, the priest at the local church, since she was sixteen years old. Now almost fifty, she is suddenly left to start a new life. Facing her past, Carmen brings colour to the lives of the villagers in this compelling story about a woman finding her voice.


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Simply Terrible

I am Maltese, and while I support the local talents and directors. This movie was terrible. The acting alone is terrible (forced reactions). I do understand this is a comedy drama sort of thing, however the characters are neither "likable" or "credible" in any way. They just don't seem real.

The only thing good about this movie is the scenery, apart from that... don't waste your time. There are other better movies out there.

I don't know how people are rating this 8/10. It is either those who are related or affiliated with the director, or people who just want to artificially bump up the rating of this terrible movie.

Lovely, Sweet, Charming film.

Carmen is a film about faith and kindness, lonliness and love.

It's a quirky and charming comedy drama about a lady named Carmen who hasn't been dealt the best cards in life. But with the passing of her brother , the priest, she finds new possibility in her lonely adventure.

Certainly this film makes some light hearted pokes at Catholicism, but it's all very much in good spirit. Essentially suggesting that religion is also about fun and that surely, the Lord wants us to happy, even if he has mysterious ways of showing it.

The music is lovely, the scenery is pleasantly mediteranean, and the soul is very much that of a 1960's quaint romance, with a touch of tradgedy.

Carmen is a warm and endearing film that will leave you with a smile on your face and a chuckle in your tummy.

Check it out, it's nice. :-)

maltese filmmakers and films...

Are not as commo0n as films filmed and produced with malta playing the location settings for the common middle eastern city/country where shooting films aint possible or is far too expensive. So where shall i set my expectations to this merely native one...?

Its a small story that wouldve worked perfect if they had used silenced acting or pantomiming( like sweedish''pablo picassoes eventyr'', or armenian ''the bra''). Because the script cannot be more than 2 a-4 papers, and the beauty of the maltese natural and human qualities tells more than the vocals do. Its a film about love and lust, and the lack of it, loads of cultural rites and religion, faith and unfaithfullness. Its all made on a dime and they really suck it as a maltese candy, the acting is profound but hitherto quite amateuristic, but by all means its sweet.

I wanda if they got paid by the maltese government with a 27% bonus for mentioning ''malta'' in the script??? The grumpy old man recommends this to everybody loving the maltese nation and people, for the rest of the world its a curiosa.
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