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10 number one hits. More than 2 billion streams. Yet rap superstar Apache 207 is a mystery. Now he breaks his silence and grants access to camera crews. This compelling documentary shows his life, from plattenbau to luxury mansions, from loneliness to sold-out stadiums - accompanied by his family, best friends and rap icons Loredana, BAUSA and XATAR.


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Wow! This documentary was something else. It was something else for many reasons. It was well edited and a really interesting documentary. It gave more background information about Volkan and made a good case for him. I like what he said about his style of music. I think he can be taken seriously. His message is clear. He wanted to show the world what happens when you live life like you do. This documentary not only showed some of his background, but also showed his life as an artist. I thought this was a very solid documentary and I like what he had to say. There were quite a few scenes of him being interviewed that had the ring of authenticity to them.

Love it!

His achievements include 27 gold, seven platinum and one diamond record as well as more than two billion streams - Apache 207 is one of Germany's most celebrated rappers and, following his rocketing breakthrough in 2019, is now one of the most streamed artists:inside on Spotify - at the same time, the person behind the sunglasses is a well-kept secret. For the first time, the rapper breaks his silence and gives exclusive insights into the life of Volkan Yaman aka Apache 207.

Since his breakthrough with Kein Problem, Apache 207 has been one of Germany's most hyped rappers. His music has added a new dimension to the genre of Deutschrap, with his song Roller delivering one of the most streamed German songs of all time. But the person behind the iconic sunglasses has been considered a secret ever since. Volkan Yaman has given no interviews, nor revealed anything else about himself in public - until now. Apache remains the same provides insights into the life and history of the German-Turkish rap artist for the first time. Fans can follow Apache 207 as he and his friends live their dreams together, yet never forget where they come from - including behind-the-scenes looks at the preparations for his first tour.
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