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Jabari, a charming, streetwear-clad artist on the cusp of real success. After a chance run-in with his cool new photographer neighbor, Meadow, Jabari has to figure out whether he can make space for love in his life.


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Innovative cliche

If you are fans of adults animation you got to the right address.

The movie is creatively and gives some tonic vibes.

It's refreshing to see this movie and it is nice to see something that doesn't alike any movie that on the big screen.

The characters are relatable and easy to identify with.

The soundtracks and the songs on the movie are really good and gives cool vibes.

Although the animation and the shots was uniqueIt didn't the case for the plot.

It was kind of usual classic love story. The plots twist were predictable and on the first half of the movie you could see where it's going to.

And even though it was a cliche it didn't catch me in my feelings and I didn't fluster so much even from the emotional scenes.

Into the Cudi-Verse.

Despite its creators' insistence that it isn't, 'Entergalactic (2022)' is a movie; it's a feature length affair with character arcs and a defined structure. That's sort of besides the point, I suppose, but I just don't see how else you could classify this and think that rumblings of a so-called 'second season' are preposterous simply because there's no first season to begin with. It's all due to the confusion surrounding its production, of course. At one point, this was to be an anthology series, then it was to be short film, then it was expanded into its current form... there's very little this project hasn't been somewhere in its lifecycle. Anyway, the film is an animated romantic comedy that charts the beginnings of a relationship between its central couple. With its Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) aesthetic and its penchant for visual surrealism, the flick takes an energetic and effective approach to its material. Its grounded story is presented in a very stylised way, which makes it more compelling to watch than it otherwise may have been. Though the animation isn't as refined as that of its most obvious inspiration, it's still as distinct, lively and enjoyable as you'd hope. It has moments of alternate stylisation which work surprisingly well to differentiate its stories within its story from the wider story itself. There's a lot to like here, including realistic and likeable characters who interact in believable ways. On top of that, there are several montages that could play as music videos to the plethora of new Kid Cudi tracks that populate the score, something which is sure to please fans of the musician. It's a solid effort that's inarguably one of the most visually appealing in its genre.

The Real World in Animation

Entergalactic is a visual masterpiece through and through. For those of us who want new, unique styles of animation, this movie fills that need exponentially. I genuinely hope and NEED more movies with this animation style, and Netflix better pay up. It's breathtaking and fun to watch. I can't say I stand by the storyline as much, because it's honestly a little slow and visibly dependable on the animation, but I'm okay with it. I found myself enjoying the romance, the humor is on point, and the drama is kind of lacking but tense nonetheless. I never knew how interesting it would be to have this cast ensemble but it worked out really well and Kid Cudi's voice acting AND music was amazing. Netflix needs more of these on their roster.
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