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Action | Horror
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25 fps
English 2.0  
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80 min
IMDB Rating:
7 / 10 
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Directors: Paul W. Franklin [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Deep in the English countryside, Lisa and Charlie prepare for their wedding at a Tudor mansion. But an angry crocodile lies in wait, determined to ruin their big day.


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Worst movie in 2022

I've never seen a bad movie, until I saw this one.

This is the worst movie I've seen in 2022!

Bad script, bad actors, the creatures look so fake. I'm pretty sure the budget they've used for this "movie" was more than the box office.

Guys, don't waste your time like I did watching this thing.

They fall from nothing to get eaten from the crocs, st the beginning Lisa was calling Dylan prior the wedding and when they talked about to call the emergency services, they said they don't have a landline? Jeezes I can't forget this specific scene.

This "movie" looks so fake that even a 10 year old would've stop watching this.

Worse than You can Imagine

Holy cow, this was a really bad movie. Unfortunately it wasn't good-bad. It was just bad. Real bad.

The acting is atrocious -- especailly the red head in the beginning who also does soft core porn on a site called WANKITNOW. Bad.

The special effects might have been good 20 years ago, but today they look unfinished. The croc looks plastic and besides what is he doing in England?

And that brings us to the story -- it's ridiculous. The most unfortunate thing is it's not humorous in the slightest. So by watching it, you lose 90 minute of your life that you will never get back.

Take my word for it, you will want to avoid this movie at all costs.

People can't walk backward without falling on their ass

Awful movie. Everyone who sees the crocodile and tries to back away falls to the ground and gets eaten. I've never seen so many stumble-bums in one movie. And if the croc could walk upstairs, the movie would be a comedy and not a horror picture. I had no sympathy for anyone in the movie and rooted for the crocodile on more than one occasion. The stupidity of the writers and director of the film amazes me. For instance a woman running away from the crocodile thinks that jumping in an Olympic size swimming pool is a better way to outrace the croc than running around the perimeter. I will say that the sfx of the croc looks pretty good, but it's not menacing in the least.
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