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Drama | History
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23.976 fps
English 5.1  
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153 min
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9.6 / 10 
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Directors: Brian Presley [Director] ,

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What?! Love how they're trying to "rewrite" history. This is some twisted garbage. They're changing all the true facts with politically correct untrue information. Horrible. Anyway, I've got to type another four hundred characters for this to be posted. Anyway here keep up with FIFA? Been waiting four years for it. Hoping for the best. The American team, unfortunately, never makes it that far. But, hope springs eternal. One hundred sixty five characters to go. How about those Bears? Another lossy season, but we're used to it. Spent an insane amount of money on Cutter. So, we're used to all the craziness.


I found this confusing as hell. Where did the family originally live? That was never established. Where was the father a POW? Never established. He is traveling from somewhere (never established) to Missouri. I did not realize that Missouri after the Civil War was still considered hostile Indian territory. It was civilized and a heavily battled over during the Civil War itself so from where have the sudden hostile tribes originated? It was all filmed in Colorado. This is why it didn't look like Missouri. I couldn't figure out where the mountains were coming from or what an earth was happening. This movie had so much potential. It was like it picked up halfway into the story but never explained what happened in the previous part. There have been a lot of orphan train books and movies and most are far better than this. I found this to be a great disappointment.

Horribly inaccurate in all aspects

The movie at first intrigued my girlfriend and I do to us liking westerns and violence but this movie was so historically and accurate that it honestly became laughable a little past the halfway mark not only was it historically inaccurate but it was also a culturally inaccurate and play too much on emotions when most western movies are supposed to faze away from emotion horrible development horrible director all around a horrible movie, where was this movie supposed to be filmed? I never knew they were mountains that look like the Southwest in Missouri. Savior Life 2 hours and skip out on this movie We turned it off and couldn't even finish the last 10 minutes because we were laughing too much I wouldn't be surprised if I saw some somebody wearing Air Force ones in the movie.
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