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The film follows Opportunity, the Mars Exploration Rover affectionately dubbed Oppy by her creators and scientists at NASA. Oppy was originally expected to live for only 90 days but she ultimately explored Mars for nearly 15 years.


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Loved it! Well done!

I expected a typical documentary about rovers to mars but what i watched was not only the documentary about rovers to mars but a also an emotional roller coaster that took me from nail biting to wiping tears away to wanting to work at JPL. The rover became a child to those who were in direct contact from start to finish. I can see how you would get emotional during the lift off, as if seeing your child head off to college but knowing you'll never see them again, to the moment they entered mars orbit and for 6 minutes holding your breath waiting to see if you've succeeded or failed. Thank you JPL team for helping me understand what actually goes into a mission of this magnitude. It somehow changed the way i view things here. Now when i look up at the night sky and see mars, i find myself saying Good Night Oppy.

Good Night Oopsy

I suppose the title should have been warning enough, but I had hope that a documentary about sending robots to Mars would have a great deal of information about sending robots to Mars. I began to lose hope at the outset with the unnecessary CGI dramascape, but excused it as just a hopeful device to draw in more viewers. As the documentary began, I thought I detected the introduction to a story about the twin rovers and how their developments aligned and differed and how that led to increased usefulness and the eventual longevity of Opportunity. It did not take all too long though before I realized that this was just going to carry on as some sort of sappy Disney puppy story, completely bereft of any detail as to the design and engineering of the principal subject nor any of the peripheral, but vital challenges that were overcome to make the mission a success. Prime Video continues to disappoint with offerings of what could be fantastic entertainment ruined by absolutely terrible execution. Good Night Oppy follows in the tradition.

The Story I Needed

What a beautifully done documentary. I'm old enough to remember the promise of the 21st century that was popularized in the 1960s. To say that this century so far has been disappointing is an understatement. Following current events can be disheartening.

Then I watch something like this and I am reminded that there are people in the world who are still working on that promise my 6th grade science teacher made about how exciting space exploration would be in "the future." These are the people who are keeping that hopefulness alive and I am grateful for them.

This film is made in that spirit of my 6th grade teacher. It isn't highly technical and doesn't seek to teach the technical or science behind the mission. Instead, it is inspirational and enlightening because it reminds us that it really isn't robots exploring other worlds, but human beings who are dedicated to something that will make a mark on the future.

Humans are on Mars and they are exploring another planet.

We all make ripples in our worlds that go further and last longer than our short lives on earth. These dedicated engineers and scientists are remarkable and their ripples will be felt by generations to come even if no one knows or remembers their names. The knowledge they acquire will outlive them. I think that is what makes a human life meaningful. This film will help expand that meaning. I highly recommend this film to anyone who cares about those higher aspirations.
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