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Comedy | Drama
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77 min
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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Douglas King [Director] ,

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Super November is a hugely ambitious mixture of mumblecore-style romantic comedy and Orwellian dystopia. Clydebank librarian Josie (Josie Long) is all loved up and has found her soulmate in the equally besotted Mikey (Sean Biggerstaff). Six months later, the bubble has burst and things are very different, as the country has plunged into a political crisis, there is civil unrest on the streets and normality is a distant memory. Welcome to the harsh, fast changing landscape of the real world.


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Micro-budget movie for a micro-audience.

Whether you enjoy this movie will mainly be down to whether you agree with the politics of it.Josie Long is a stand up comedian who mainly tours the alternative comedy circuit and is on the "hard left" of the political spectrum. She has quite a smiley positive and upbeat stage persona but can also be quite dismissive and can ridicule others who don't share her political bent. Which can be quite alot of people and may not be the best approach to selling a movie to the general public.This is a micro-budget movie which was filmed partly in Glasgow, some of the promo pics show guys wearing green and white hoops which is obviously a nod to Glasgow Celtic. This is problematic as any media which apparently sides with one half of Glasgow automatically annoys other half of the city. Its a great way to cut your audience in half, unless that was the plan? Its not something anyone with any experience of the city would chose to do lightly.The movie is currently on tour of the UK with a short stand up introduction followed by a Q&A with some of those involved. I can see her fans turning up to this movie as a live comedy plus movie etc package, whether it finds an audience on its own is a different matter.It may play well to the echo chamber of her fans (hence some early high scores) and some within the hard left but I doubt it will do much outside this demographic. Not recommended for an average audience but its unlikely to be made widely available anyway. For her fans only.

A Brilliant debut feature

This is a really good film that feels like an entertaining take on a social realism approach to film making although I might be talking nonsense there is always a chance of that. But I really loved this film. It's a crisp, funny script and the film had my gripped throughout. I remember feeling the same way while watching red road for the first time. I can't wait to watch Douglas King and Josie Long's next feature film.

A must see

Super November is a beautiful film. it is Bill Forsyth with a dystopian edge.
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