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9.4 / 10 
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Directors: Jennifer Sharp [Director] ,

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As a screenwriter takes notes from Hollywood executives, her beautiful, diverse movie about a Black American woman traveling to Mexico slowly becomes a romantic comedy with an all-white cast. A quirky cerebral look into commercialism and greed, juxtaposed with a heartwarming movie that challenges stereotypes. "Una Great Movie" uses comedy to reflect on relevant contemporary issues. It is fun and humorous with a unique storytelling style that incorporates a professional cast mixed with local Mexican non-actors. The movie introduces refreshing new perspectives against common stereotypes, portraying a universal humanity rather than categories of difference. Two black girls in Mexico. A uniquely diverse movie. NOT an URBAN comedy or tale from the hood. NOT a movie about NARCOS or IMMIGRANTS. Just regular people of different races experiencing a moment of life together. This is DIVERSITY. These are the stories and images of which we need so many more. Not more minority-themed movies, but more human-themed movies that happen to have different races. This is how we come together and learn more about one another.


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I'm sorry. I'll give three stars for effort at least. As usual, the stupidlly high ratings are probably from production and lackeys. Of course if you're just the regular movie goer looking for something to watch, ymmv.. What follows is just my opinion.

I get indie filmmakers pour their hearts and souls into these things. Unlike a songwriter or painter who can produce art on their own for virtually zero expense after even the most minimal layout for gear and materials , making films requires huge amounts of cash, equipment and the reliance on many many others to make it happen. Yet after all that time, money and effort, chances are you've produced a stinker.

I was going to bail five minutes into this.... because that's all I've ever needed to size up film..... but gave it a chance though finally had to quit after about a half hour.

Problem with 98% indie produtions is that they reek of indie production. Big part of it is the awful, stiff, amteurish acting. Then there's that stinko script and directing. Even when photography itself is mechanically competent, the entire feel is off compared to the standard big name studio production. That's this that kind of movie.. Any discussion about the story itself is kind of pointless.

Rich with beauty

A beautifully directed, wonderfully acted, cleverly written, highly entertaining story with important themes and interesting characters. Worth watching multiple times to catch all of the meaningful details in the set, costuming, coloring, lighting, and music. The story illuminates serious issues that are rarely addressed in Hollywood. The carefully crafted storylines deliver the messages in a way that keeps you thinking long after the movie ends.

In addition to highlighting ridiculous film industry standards, Una Great Movie offers humor, romance, and insight into environmental and tourism issues. This is a refreshingly unique film that deserves a much greater audience,

Una muy buena Movie!!!

Love the movie and the story. Such a fun time and a cleaver way of filmmaking. Sometimes movies surprise you and this one for sure did with the quality of how the story was told and portrayed by the characters. My whole family enjoyed it and can't wait to see more movies from this director. I was particularly surprised by the non-actors, they did an amazing job. The back-and-forth between the story and the filmmaker was very clever and made me think a lot about how movies are made (super funny also). I encourage everyone to take a look at this film. It is funny!

Congratulations to all cast and crew!
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