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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: Ernest B. Schoedsack [Director] ,

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The showman who brought Kong to New York returns to Skull Island and finds Kong's son, a spunky 12-footer with a winning personality and his dad's awesome strength. The filmmakers who created King Kong kept the excitement going with this sequel, released the same year as the original. Robert Armstrong reprises the role of Carl Denham, and Helen Mack is the damsel in distress. The two rescue Kong Jr. from quicksand and get a devoted protector who defends them from fierce prehistoric monsters. But when a mighty earthquake strikes, even the son of Kong may not be powerful enough to save them.


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The Son of Kong was a pretty good sequel to the original King Kong

After the events in the original King Kong, movie filmmaker Carl Denham is hiding at a run-down apartment in New York trying to avoid well, everybody. But the boat captain from the previous KK also appears offering him a chance to go back traveling to various countries and job offers and trying to avoid that place where they originally found that big ape....Unlike the Universal series of monster movies, this RKO sequel to their very successful gorilla flick has that title character's fate stay the same so in this one we meet someone considered that famous character's offspring. A kinder, gentler gorilla, so to speak though this one still can fight with as much power as his old man when confronted with others his own size like a bear! Anyway, along the way Denham encounters a young female singer at a run-down circus who he takes a liking to. I'll just say while this wasn't as exciting as the original King Kong, it still had some thrills-courtesy of once again clay/stop-motion animation artist Willis O'Brien and his assistants-as well as some nice humorous moments like a band number performed by some monkeys at that circus I mentioned. So on that note, I say give The Son of Kong a chance.

All is Forgiven?A Follow-Up was All But Futile

Quickie Follow-Up to one of the Best Movies Ever Made. After a rather Downbeat and Sombre Beginning, the Movie Loads on the Charm once back on Skull Island and it's all Played for Chuckles and Showcases Little Kong (named "KIKO" but it is never used on screen) as He Befriends His new Playmates and Showcases His Dad's Fighting ability as He Protects and Romps with the Crew.

As a Stand Alone Feature the Movie is quite Affable and even Highly Entertaining (on the Island) and can be Forgiven for not even Attempting to Match the Grandiosity of its Heritage. Everything is done in "Miniature". The Story, the SFX, the Score, and the Willis O' Brien Stop Motion Effects are all Less Attentive.

Overall, a Strangely Insincere Imitation, as the Creative Team all but Surrendered to the Demands of the Studio and Produced a very Cheap and Quickly Made Sequel that Despite all of the Half-Heartedness still Manages to be Worth a Watch despite Forever being in the Gigantic Footsteps of one of the Greatest Films of All Time.

The Whole Team made such a Wonderful Movie the First Time They can be Forgiven, because making "King Kong" (1933) must have left Them, like Stunned Audiences (even to this day) all but Exhausted.

Note?Marian C. Cooper and O'Brien made amends and a worthy continuation of Type in 1949, with the excellent "Mighty Joe Young".

Lightly comic, quickly-made sequel that can best be described as charming

After the huge success of King Kong, RKO produced a quick cash in that was so quickly made it was released the same year as the original! With this speed in mind it's perhaps not too surprising to learn that Son of Kong is nowhere close to the standard of its predecessor. In it, the adventuring entrepreneur Carl Denham flees New York after the King Kong debacle that he was responsible for and ends up back at Skull Island. Needless to say he soon encounters the son of Kong.

It's quite strange for a sequel to even acknowledge the financial lawsuits that follow the mayhem caused by the monster in the previous film. But oddly and charmingly, this one not only does but even goes as far as to make it a narrative springboard for the subsequent adventure. Unfortunately the film-makers decided to replace the horror aspects of the first film with comedy. So the tone of the movie is more playful than threatening, which is to its detriment ultimately. It seems pretty obvious that this film must have been squarely aimed primarily at kids. Unlike his dad, the giant ape in this one seems to really like humans which kind of takes away some of the plot dynamics; although in truth once we meet Kong the action doesn't really move far from the one location. This probably ties in with the quickness of the production; once we finally get to Skull Island we find Kong easily and don't move once we do. It's a shame as it dilutes the adventure aspect somewhat. Nevertheless, Kong does get to fight a dinosaur and a giant bear and the stop-motion animation from Willis O'Brien is still more than decent. It ends on a big scale but kind of stupid climax.

Son of Kong can best be described as a charming movie. It's got a fair few shortfalls, particularly in its very basic screenplay. But it is very short so plot weaknesses aren't too painful to bear and it never gets boring. It's certainly no classic but its good fun overall.
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