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Directors: Adrian Hoven [Director] ,

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Blue Underground proudly presents these psychedelic spy spoofs featuring the bold and beautiful detective duo The Red Lips! KISS ME, MONSTER finds the girls moonlighting on a striptease world tour - but no sooner do they hit the stage than the girls are up to their pasties in stiffs, Satanists and Sapphic sadists, all after a secret formula for human clones! But if The Red Lips can get to it first, will they still be able to survive the dangers lurking around every corner?


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"With-it" late 60's spy spoof in Spain with bad dubbing

RELEASED IN 1969 and written & directed by Jesús Franco, "Kiss Me, Monster" stars Janine Reynaud (Diana) & Rosanna Yanni (Regina) as detective duo The Red Lips who seek the missing Doctor Beltran who has concocted a formula for super-human clones with the mental capacity of canines. Key informants keep winding up dead so the girls go undercover as a nightclub act on an island off the coast of Spain where they charm the mogul, Eric Vicas (Adrian Hoven), whom they suspect has something to do with the killings and the missing doctor.

Quickie filmmaker Franco released 7 movies in 1969, including this one, which was shot in 24 days in August/September, 1967. It's the second of a duology featuring the detective pair; the first being "Sadist Erotica," which was released earlier in the year. Being thrown together so quickly, the plot is virtually incomprehensible unless you're aware of it up front (as described above). Another problem is the lousy dubbing, which (1.) doesn't fit the lips of the characters and (2.) isn't congruent in tone with what's happening on screen.

But, if you can get past those flaws, there are several things to enjoy in this spy parody/adventure, which comes across as a melding of late 60's flicks like Raquel Welch's "Fathom" (1967) and "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" (1970), but worse than both due to the issues noted above. Some highlights include the Spanish coastal locations, the groovy percussion-oriented soundtrack, the late 60's chic and a few good-looking 60's babes. Speaking of which Reynaud was 37 during shooting and Yanni 29. Neither do much for me (they're a little too slinky), but I definitely prefer Reynaud as far as sex appeal goes. Unfortunately, with the exception of a couple of outfits, the 60's apparel they're laden with doesn't exactly augment their beauty.

THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour 15 minutes and was shot in Spain with one part in Munich, Germany. ADDITIONAL WRITERS: Luis Revenga & Karl Heinz Mannchen.


Haphazard spy flick from Franco

Several years ago I watched the film in which this is a sequel to, namely Sadisterotica (1969). I remember distinctly finding it to be fairly atrocious on the whole. To my pleasant surprise, a fellow, very kind IMDb user sent me a copy of its sequel; so what of Kiss Me, Monster? Well, it has to be said upfront that both movies do sport somewhat cool titles and the basic idea behind them is a pretty encouragingly good one. But from what I can fathom, this sequel is pretty much of a similar standard to its earlier equivalent. And this is not especially a good thing on balance.

Once again, it focuses on two slinky female detectives, played once more by Janine Reynaud and Rosanna Yanni. They set out to investigate a new case in which song lyrics from the hand of a dead man leads to an island where a scientist has been creating muscle-bound mutants in red posing pouches. In order to get close to their adversaries, the two women go undercover as an erotic nightclub act. Various people are killed along the way and, well, we get to the finale somehow.

In this film, stuff happens. That's as good a way of describing events as any, as the style that has been used to tell the story makes it a little hard to follow at times. Like most films from director Jess Franco, this one has pacing problems. Except in this case the problem is the exact opposite of what it usually is, in that unlike the slow pace of most of his other features this one is paced far too fast for its own good. When the main story thread got underway, it took me some time to realise that it wasn't a flashback I was watching such was the rapidity of events depicted – a bloke pitches up, is killed and the ladies are off and quickly encounter many characters in quick succession. In order to tell this particular plot-driven story Franco would have been better putting the brakes on here and there. Consequently, we hurtle through the narrative in a fast and haphazard fashion, meaning it's not easy to keep fully engaged with events. Similar to Sadisterotica this one also sports dubbing of the bottom of the barrel variety. I don't mind dubbing generally but this stuff just sounds like voice-overs too upfront in the mix that only vaguely connects to the characters on-screen.

I couldn't pretend to say I found this to be a good film but it does have definite Euro cult value and its general bizarreness does count for something at least. I reckon though if you need to see a Franco effort in the spy genre then The Girl from Rio (1969) is for me the best he has executed of this type. The very fact that Jess knocked out all three of these spy movies I have mentioned in this review in one year (plus a whole bunch of other flicks also) probably gives you a good idea why the likes of this one seems a little?rushed.

Silly and hilarious Euro-spy film regularly shot by recently deceased Jesus Franco or ¨Uncle Jess¨

This amusing but failed flick results to be a campy , sexy private eye fun from Jesús Franco . This film is starred by two lovely ladies of the 'Red Lips' detective agency , both of whom are on the track of missing objects . "Red Lips" are two female agents (Janine Reynaud as Diana and Rosanna Yanni as Regina) attempting to find a red box from Doctor Beltran . Two tough as well as scantily dressed detectives , both of whom are real knockouts . They are the most dazzlingly female spies , including their lipstick kiss as their trademark . At the end takes place a twisted surprise about the mysterious box .

Colorful but below average rendition about European spy sub-genre , an usual genre during the sixties , not taking any situation seriously ; being realized in similar style to famous strip-cartoon thrillers as ¨Modesty Blaise¨ , ¨Diabolik¨ and ¨Barbarella¨ . A loopy and illogical screenplay that is not much easy to follow , some crazy villains, secret societies , pointless but light nudism , and gorgeous girls . There's nonetheless a good-natured quality evident throughout which makes the whole thing an entertainingly goofy diversion . This very campy picture contains thrills , action , phantasmagoria , tongue-in-cheek , absurd situations , but being lousily developed and including some enjoyable though brief moments . A real campy hoot , slight but little watchable comic book style spy picture that was made by the time in which Franco directed nice movies such as ¨The sadistic Baron Klaus¨ , ¨Rififi En La Ciudad¨ , ¨Miss Muerte¨ or ¨Diabolic Doctor Z¨ , ¨Necronomicon¨ and ¨Gritos en la Noche¨ , developing a consolidated professionalism , as his career got more and more impoverished in the following years , but his endless creativity enabled him to tackle films in all genres, from "B" horror to erotic films . The main and support cast -with everyone having fun- is passable , but they are really wasted . The best of the interpretation results to be Adrian Hoven -also producer- as suspect Interpol agent . And a sympathetic Manolo Otero , he was a Latin lover as well singer , early deceased , who married Eurotrash goddess Maria Jose Cantudo . And other actors in brief appearances are Chris Howland , Marta Reves ,Barta Barri , many of them ordinary in Franco films . And , of course , brief acting by Jess Frank as a spy rapidly eliminated . Atmospheric original music by Jerry van Rooyen hits the groovy spot , including jam session , disco music and a catching leitmotif . Evocative cinematography by Jorge Herrero being filmed on location in Manga Del Mar Menor , Murcia , Cabo Roig , Alicante , Marbella and Munchen .

The motion picture was middlingly directed by Stajanovist Jesus Franco , best known for his nearly two hundred underground, "exploitation" films and it was filmed along with ¨El Caso De Las Dos Bellezas¨ shot back to back with similar casting and technical team . These films are admittedly pretty mild and innocuous stuff compared to Franco more racy and explicit movies . However , here he doesn't use his trademarks , as he pulls off a traditional narration , without zooms , neither sickening pace . As the picture belongs to Franco's first period in which he made passable flicks . Jesus signs under pseudonyms , he used to utilize usual marks such as zooms , nudism , foreground on objects , filmmaking in ¨do-it-yourself effort¨ style or DIY and managing to work extraordinarily quickly , realizing some fun diversions, and a lot of absolute crap . His oeuvre included about 200 films, among them The White Slave, The Sexual History of O, Macumba Sexual, , Emmanuelle Exposed, Vampyros Lesbos, The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll, and White Cannibal Queen. Many pictures had nice photography , full of lights and shades in Orson Welles style , in fact , Franco was direction-assistant in ¨Chimes at midnight¨ and edited ¨El Quijote¨ by Welles . He often used to introduce second , third or fourth versions , including Hardcore or Softcore inserts or sexual stocks many of them played by his muse Lina Romay . In many of the more than 200 films he's directed he has also worked as composer, writer, cinematographer and editor. His first was "We Are 18 Years Old" and the second picture was "The Awful Dr. Orlof" (1962) , the best of all them , it's followed by various sequels such as El Secreto del Dr. Orloff (1964) aka "The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll" , " Orloff y el hombre invisible (1970) aka "Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster" and finally "Faceless" (1987) . He also directed to the great Christopher Lee in 4 films : "The Bloody Judge" , ¨Count Dracula¨, ¨The Blood of Fu Manchu¨ and ¨The castle of Fu Manchu¨ . Jesús's influence has been notable all over Europe . From his huge body of work we can deduce that Jesús Franco is one of the most restless directors of Spanish cinema and often releasing several titles at the same time. Many of his films have had problems in getting released, and others have been made directly for video. More than once his staunchest supporters have found his "new" films to contain much footage from one or more of his older films . Jesús Franco is a survivor in a time when most of his colleagues tried to please the government administration. He broke up with all that and got the independence he was seeking. He always went upstream in an ephemeral industry that fed opportunists and curbed the activity of many professionals . This Underground Sex and Euro-Horror Director reviled by Catholic Church, even was Goya Winner . But time doesn't pass in vain, and Jesus' production has diminished since the 90s ; however he went on shooting until his recent death .
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