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Comedy | Drama
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126 min
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7.6 / 10 
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Directors: Marc Forster [Director] ,

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A remake of the fantastic original film adaptation of the novel "A Man Called Ove" by Fredrik Backman (2015 Swedish film "A Man Called Ove" directed by Hannes Holm). Ove is a curmudgeon-the kind of man who points at people he dislikes as if they were burglars caught outside his bedroom window. He has staunch principles, strict routines, and a short fuse. People call him 'the bitter neighbor from hell.'—Marc Forster


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sentimental Tom Hanks

Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks) is a grumpy old man. Nothing in the world works in the way that he expects. He has been pushed into retirement. He does not like anybody. His beloved wife Sonya (Rachel Keller) had recently died and is shown in flashbacks with his younger self (Truman Hanks). He tries to kill himself, but gets interrupted by new neighbor Marisol (Mariana Trevi?o) and her chaotic family. His continuing suicide attempts keep getting interrupted.

My biggest issue is that Tom Hanks is not this character. His public persona is too fun, too happy, and too nice. It's something that one has to submit to. His niceness does skew the movie into sentimentality. On the other hand, I do really like the flashbacks. I didn't know that it was his son. In a way, he's completely different from his dad. The son is great at playing awkward. He's more this character than his father. I can see his quiet awkwardness turned into anger over Sonya's tragedies. Here's the thing. I love Tom Hanks. I can't help but love this character. I can accept all the sentimentality from him. Some may call it cloying. I call it the sweet drowning in sentimentality.

Not the swedish original but still good

Based on the swedish movie "En man som heter Ove (A Man Called Ove)" from 2015.

This movie is almost an exact replica of the original. Almost same scenes, dialogs.

For some reason, U. S. remakes of European movies are made almost identical to the original. Maybe that is an European clause to be able to make a remake.

Still, Tom Hanks does what he does best: Entertain. And the supporting cast such as Mexican actress Mariana Trevi?o and Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo do a great job, too. Specially Mariana, which even steals some of the scenes with her acting.

One of the few remakes that are enjoyable to watch.

Tom Hanks clowning around with

A strong 1st act gave me hope. Could this be classic Tom Hanks? Heartfelt and entertaining, funny, soulful. But by the 2nd act and the sudden onslaught of left wing workeism, it became clear, even Hanksy has sold out. Just think of it this way, the main character is an old white grumpy man on a road to redemption. The protagonist a pregnant Mexican woman. The best friend a disabled black man with some kind of dementia. The lonely kid a transgender girl/boy/them.

All the men in the film, apart from Hanks, are portrayed as idiots. All the people obsessed with themselves on the train platform rescue are rich white girls.

The subliminal message is clear, if you're not ethnic, not trans, not pregnant, not a woman, or you're not being rescued by any of the above, then you're a clown.

FTR my sister is half Pakistani. My nieces are mixed race. My best friend is mixed race. My brother is gay.

The issue isn't being any of those things, the issue with films like this is the undertone of far-left-wing woke agendas. For some reason, everyone, even Tom Hanks, has joined this nutty bandwagon.

Why does it matter? Because a simple film about love should not need to preach 'we're inclusive!'
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